Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Birth of Isaac

See that's me in the stir-ups in between a push. That's Dr Ang my gynae right there at the foot of the bed. She's very good. We like her a lot :) You know, this pushing business. I was on epidural, right? So I couldn't feel anything much waist down. So when they tell me to PUSH, I just pushed. Pushed whatever. They say:"Push harder! Push harder!" I just PUSHED with ALL MY MIGHT.

 With whatever and whichever parts of my body. I was aware I was using my stomach muscles to push. I know I was using my hands/arms to pull myself and push too. What I didn't realise was that I was using my thigh muscles to push as well - coz I couldn't feel my thigh. So what happened was, after the delivery, when the epidural wore off - I had the WORST muscle ache ever in my thighs and butt!!! gosh!!! it brought me back to my JC days when we trained for climbing Mt Ophir and Gunung Korbu! worse!!! 

I was telling hubbs:" I'd expected many kinds of pain for this childbirth thingy - but NOT muscle ache!?!?"
And the second picture shows Isaac just out! :) Then they put him on my tummy whilst Dr Ang arranged for hubbs to cut the umbilical cord. Nervous Papa almost cut the wrong side of the cord. Luckily Dr Ang stopped him in time. The nurse in pink started to use the tubing thingy to suck out the mucous from Isaac's nose and mouth. Only when that is done can Papa go ahead to cut the cord. Coz there after, lil' Isaac has to breathe on his own.

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  1. What an amazingly honest and generous series of accounts. Bravo! I am sure Isaac will appreciate it very much when he grows up!

    Wish we had such "devices" when we were growing up.


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