Wednesday, 22 August 2007

First pics of Isaac

This is Isaac after the nurse cleaned off the goo on him. He came out rather "clean". Thanks to the coconuts I ate in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. kekeke... When he was out, he cried for awhile, like 5 minutes, bawling his lungs out. Then he just quietened down and did not cry. Then he spent the next hour or so, just lying there and looking at us and everything else.
There he lay, just staring at us. Hahaha... we were quite amazed that he'd stop crying. We're not complaining!!! :) In this picture, Isaac's eyes were still puffy. He still had water retention - water as in the amniotic fluid in the stomach. His hand looks puffed up - water logged, rather. Later on, he would look quite scrawny indeed. But here he was, born a good 52cm long and 3.22kg in weight.

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