Saturday, 4 August 2007

v.horny ?!

hehehe decided to add some pictures to spice things up... kekeke... above are the pictures I mentioned that we took... was such a coincidence that EW was wearing a shirt which said v.horny hahahaha...

Incidentally, it was at SQ & YJ's wedding, when HJ and company were scrolling through our camera to see our Ang Kor Wat pics when they came across these photos... they quickly passed it around to the rest of the gang and asked:"so, it's yes or no huh?" hahahaha... I was like:"Can't you see the 'positive' sign?" and HJ went:" wah liaoz, how I know... I also never use before... " hahahahhaa... so that's how some close friends of mine got the new broken to them... hahahaha...


  1. wah lau. are you sure it was me who said that? haha.

    that was still one of the most unusual ways to find out someone's preggers!!!

  2. yes CONFIRM it was you :p hahahhaa...


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