Thursday, 16 August 2007

Isaac as of 24th February 2007

Here's Isaac as of 24th February 2007. Scan doesn't show his dimensions this time round and we can't recall either ;p But what's important in the top scan, is that it shows Isaac's little birdie! kekeke... This was the day we confirmed that our little baby was a BOY! It was Week 15 of my pregnancy. Quite early, to be able to "see". If you look at the picture, it's from the angle of us looking up at Isaac as though he is sitting on a glass ceiling above us - so we can see his thigh bones making a v shape. And the little bit of something protruding from in between the v shape, is his... uh-hmmm. *grinz* or as my MIL would say (in Teochew): " his 'tool'..." *rolls*eyes*...

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