Monday, 27 August 2007

Isaac is called Wen2 Yuan1

This is little Isaac, just about 4 hours after he was born - after he had had his first proper bath by the nurses. We love this pic of him coz he looks so... si1 wen2 ('prim and proper'? 'studious'?)

Isaac's chinese name is pronounced as wen2 yuan1 - si1 wen2 de wen2 and yuan1 bo2 de yuan1. Think it's supposed to have a meaning that is very learned and very studious, something like that. Hubbs composed the name himself :)

I think, in this photo - Isaac looks soooooooo Wen2 Yuan1 - if you know what I mean ;p


  1. I agree totally ! So 文渊 !!
    Sweet !

    Isaac's Fan.. :P

  2. So cute! He does look very studious.. is he still like this now?

    1. Is he studious? He does like to read a lot, so maybe it does work! :)


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