Friday, 24 August 2007

Out! Safe and sound!

I guess that's the thing with this pregnancy thing. We've been very blessed throughout this pregnancy, and we're very glad. But one can never be really SURE that everything is fine, till after the baby is delivered. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was really looking forward to delivering Isaac. Not so much because I was getting so heavy with him that it was cumbersome to move around etc, but more so because I wanted him to be out, safe and sound, in my arms. I have heard too many horror stories of how things can go wrong - stories which I will not repeat here. But they were lingering at the back of my mind, preying on my hormonally imbalanced paranoid mind...

So finally, when Isaac was born. I was so glad! We were very thankful that Isaac was well. Isaac was born with his umbilical cord wound around his neck twice. Indeed he is blessed that that did not do any harm. Still it brings a lump to our throats when we think of the harm that might have caused.

We thank the Lord for answering our prayers. And we thank everyone for your prayers!!! :)

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