Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Second Trimester

Oh another thing I forgot to mention about the First Trimester was the comatose state I was in during that period of time. Seriously I was sooooo tired all the time. In office, I couldn't last the hour after lunch without dozing off. Which is, of course very bad. So I resorted to snatching 10 - 15 minute naps during lunch, after eating. This was good coz it prevented me from nodding off at my desk. At night, immediately after dinner, I'd sit on the sofa, and start to doze off already.

Second trimester was much better. About a week or two into second trimester, I started to get less tired, and generally had more energy. We didn’t like go out, or stay up late or anything like that. But at least I could watch the 9.30pm news before conking out. Made me feel more normal; had time to do more things to get the house, and us, ready for Isaac’s arrival.

The house was a mess. Hahahaha… Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), both my hubbs EW and I are ‘the same sort of person’ – meaning, we’re both kinda messy, and we’re both hoarders. In other words, we have lotsa stuff at home. Now now, dun be mean, they’re not junk okay… they might all come in useful one day… hahahahaa… Anyhow, both our mum’s area also continually off-loading their own homes by making us bring back our stuff – something we’re still doing even though we’ve been married and staying on our own for more than two years now. Thus, there is much packing to do. So in my second trimester, with more energy, and nesting instinct setting in, I started to pack up the house and the contents in the cupboards…

hahaha and now that Isaac is born, I must admit we're not done with the packing yet... almost done though! had like 10% more to go... NOT BAD ALREADY lah ;p

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