Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Third Trimester

Alright we're speeding right through now, coz dear hubbs can't wait to upload photos of Isaac for everyone to see. Well sorry for MIA-ing yesterday... kekeke... was busy finishing reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's a good book! Better than Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince. could hardly put it down! :)

Okay, so the second trimester was pretty good. Like most pregnancy books will tell you, it's the trimester that you feel almost normal. In the third trimester, one starts to get tired again. Not as bad as the first trimester though. But defnitely more tired than in second trimester.

Time also seems to pass really fast in the third trimester. All at once, the Estimated Due Date (EDD) seems so near, so soon.

Relatives, friends and colleagues started to offer us baby stuff. So we started to go around collecting the stuff from them. Brought them home, and tired as I was during the third trimester, we just left all the stuff in the living room, intending to pack them later. What resulted was a good 10 sq metres of space (actually probably more) that were stacked with baby stuff - clothes, prams, toys, walkers, milk bottles, sterilizers, shoes... endless! Just a little boy in my tummy and he had so much stuff already! Hahaha... all thanks to the nice aunties and uncles who show much care and concern for us and Isaac. Thanks everyone!!! *grinz*

I was also starting to get ungainly huge. From 35th week onwards, everyone I bumped into at office would ask me:" you delivering soon?" hahaha... apparently I looked like I was ready to pop anytime. Didn't help when I also started to walk very slowly, coz my sense of balance was going a little off, plus the extra weight was straining my ankles and back pretty badly... so everyone was like:" oh please be careful!!!" coz I had this tendency to bump into the copier lah, trip over the dustbin lah, bum off a few files lah... couldn't help it - my bum and hips were huge by now! hahaha... sighz!!!

Also started to panic about work. Seems to be so much to wrap up before I go. Was documenting stuff like an auditor's dream come true. coz figured it'd be easier for the person taking over my duties if I had documented and printed the correspondence between myself/tenant/landlord. Broke the news to my tenants as well, those that I forsee would not be able to close before I went away. They were all very sweet, congratulating me, wishing me luck. Some even started sharing with me their own experiences and giving me advice etc...

Think all in all, I was very blessed during this pregnancy... didn't have morning sickness, and the biggest problem I had was weight gain! hahaha pun intended!!! hahahha... so... it became a waiting game... when was Isaac gonna come out? when? when? when? when is ANYTIME?

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