Monday, 17 September 2007

Isaac as of 12th August 2007

These were the last of the pictures that I'd taken of Isaac that we had downloaded onto the computer. All were taken on 12th August 2007. Smiley Isaac! :)

Isaac looks very different now. His cheeks has filled out and he's more plump now :) hehehe will show you guys once the camera's back! *grinz*!!!


  1. Looked at Isaac's photo like a million times that EW sent me today. He's (Isaac) sooooo cute. Brought a smile to my face each time I see it. heehee!

  2. Sorry for the late postings. I have been rather busy lately. Congratulations as well!

    He looks like such a happy baby. I don't think he resembles you too much, so I think I have to agree with everyone else that he looks more like EW.

    I guess I will have to see him in person. I will be traveling to KL for work at the end of Oct, and will be in Sin for 2 days only, and then I will be back again from 14th Nov to 2nd Dec for two and a half weeks. Hope to catch up with you then!!


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