Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Parts like Mummy

Oh yes, of course Isaac has parts of Mummy, right? Just not very obvious to most visitors, that’s all.

For one, Isaac has my “kok-tao” – er, my big forehead (dunno how best to translate). Can’t find a picture that shows both Isaac’s kok-tao and my kok-tao – but trust me, he’s got my kok-tao alright. I must say that his looks nicer than mine though ;p

Oh, but these I have pictures of. Our hands and feet! Kekeke… See this is a picture of Isaac’s hand and Mummy’s hand. Look what long fingers Isaac has – just like Mummy! Hehehe… actually, Papa has long fingers too. Isaac has quite a long body, and long legs – everyone says he’s gonna be very tall next time. With his long fingers (and probably big hands) – he’d make a great basketballer! Just like his Papa!

Both photos taken on 11th August 2007

Now look at his feet! Look at his toes! So long, right?! (okay, if you think I’m making a big to-do about nothing, then you shouldn’t be reading this blog – he’s my first kid! OF COURSE we’d make a big to-do about everything! Just be glad I’m not taking pictures of his poo to show you what a BIG TO-DO that is! Hiak hiak hiak. Lame joke.) Alright, anywayz, as I was saying, look at his feet. Firstly, he has long toes! Like me!!! (oh alright, hubbs has long toes too) But even the confinement auntie says that Isaac has feet like mine. BIG, she says. Hiaz, I really don’t think that’s a compliment. Nevertheless, will look on the bright side – Isaac resembles me in some way!!! Yay!!! But seriously, looking at his feet, the shape of them DOES look like mine. Hope he doesn’t get flat feet like me, though. That’s not good. Though my MIL insists that my feet are so flat that I can just use them to paddle a dragon boat. Well, am not sure about that, but I may be able to walk up a glass cladded building – they’re like suction caps! Hahahaha… Spidey Pam!!!

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