Monday, 17 September 2007

Story of the Camera

You know another reason why I've been taking so long to upload photos - is coz we haven't downloaded them from the camera to the laptop yet. we'd only done so for the pix from Isaac's birth (6th) to the 13th August.

And the reason why we hadn't transferred the pix is partly coz of laziness, but also coz by the time I really wanted to do it - we'd sent the camera for repair. What happened? hiaz... I think the thing with this breastfeeding business is - the milk gets everywhere!!! and I mean everywhere!!! not just on the clothes and in the baby's mouth - but like on the table, the floor, the bed, the everything anywhere everywhere! and so... I dunno how it came to be, that milk got onto the camera shutter. and I didn't even realise it, so the milk dried up, and became kinda sticky I guess. So the camera shutter couldn't open and close properly as it should.

Very sim tia, must send camera for repair, coz we'd only just bought the camera a few days before Isaac was born - ie. super new camera lor. Well, the plus point of that is that the warranty is still valid and so we got it serviced for free.

We'd only just gotten the camera back from the service centre 3 days ago, on Friday. So I thought:"Great!!! Now I can transfer the pictures and post them online. And then guess what??? Yesterday, we went to my MIL's place for lunch and it was the first time we are going over since my confinement - so we brought a lot of stuff over (coz my MIL is to look after Isaac when I go back to work after my maternity leave)...

And... dear hubbs, whilst struggling to carry so many bags and stuff and putting them in the car, accidentally left one bag behind at the carpark lot - the bag with some important documents and the camera!!! *groan*!!! Was only when we reached my MIL's place and were unloading the car, then we realised. Hubbs rushed back to checked the carpark lot - but by then, the camera was gone. However the important documents were still there. We gave thanks that at least we found back the documents - or hubbs would be in very big trouble. We only super heartpain about the new camera...


*sob*sob* All the pictures and videos we'd taken of Isaac were still in the SD card, in the camera. sadness. Hubbs had quickly scribbled notes that said something like:"you can take the camera, but please return us the SD card as it has pictures of our newborn baby in it" and left our address in the note too, and stuck the notes near the carpark lot, and on the few cars in the vicinity of the lot.

We spent the whole of yesterday heartpaining. Kept checking the letter box in hope of finding the SD card in it. Poor hubbs. Today is his birthday too. Not a very good birthday gift of losing a brand new camera with Isaac's pix in it, just the day before his birthday. I didn't have the heart to scold him lah - not that he wanted to lose the camera right. We're just so glad we found the important documents that we figured we should be thankful for that already. We were consoling ourselves that "Luckily Isaac smiles very often." coz a lot of the pictures we lost were those that I had taken of him smiling.

Then GUESS WHAT?!?! This morning, our gynae's office called hubbs! Someone had found the camera and wanted to return it! Somehow, they'd traced it all the way to my gynae!!! Is that AMAZING or what?!?! Hubbs called me just now and told me. He'd go and meet the person after school today and get the camera from him/her.

Wow! Hubbs says he'd ask the person how they'd tracked it all the way to our gynae. But after I'd spoken with hubbs, I was thinking about how the pictures could have led to our gynae... And you know what??? I think it must have been the pictures of the Synchronised Breastfeeding attempt sign that led the trail to Mt Alvernia hospital, and then, we have pictures of Isaac's birth which had Dr Ang in the pictures!!! what luck!!!

I was telling hubbs - this is Jesus's gift to you for your birthday!!! He wanted to teach you a lesson not to be so careless!!! hahaha...

So, that's the Story of the Camera.

The End


  1. Thank you God for the kind soul who returned the camera! Amen!

  2. That is really a very "lucky" story. I guess one good turn deserves another. Quoting from a song from the movie "The Sound Of Music", "I (you) must have done something good."

  3. Ah! I'd almost forgotten I had an update on this... will go post on that now...


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