Thursday, 13 September 2007

where have we been?!

woah! only now when I looked at when I last posted did I realise that it's been more than we week since! so where have we been? well, where have I been, rather. I've been pretty caught up with Isaac since now I'm taking care of him more as the confinement lady has left.

last Friday, we took Isaac out on his first real outing! He went to work!!! hahahaha that's what my mum said, she was like:"Wah, so young go office to work already ah?" coz we brought Isaac to my workplace! *grinz* Luckily it's the school hols so hubbs was free to come along. Don't think I'd have managed alone.

Had already informed my colleagues we'd be in office from about lunch time. Many of them lunched-in to catch us, and some others after lunch too. It was a grand reception for Isaac. The moment we stepped into the office pantry, at least 15 'aunties' all clamoured around Isaac, trying to see him and touch him. The noise didn't bother Isaac one bit - perhaps that's coz I'd already preped him before we came. I told him:"Later, you'd see many many aunties who all sayang you okay. They'd be a bit noisy, but it's okay, alright? So you smile smile at them, okay?"

Hehehe... I'm a great fan of pyscho-talk and subliminal learning. I believe that it works that I continously intone Isaac with what I want him to do, or don't do. Hubbs doesn't believe it. He says:"Do you really think he can understand you?" "Of course!" I told him "Babies are very smart one, ok." (with Look Who's Talking at the back of my mind ;p) But seriously, I think they DO understand. Besides, I think it's good to talk to Isaac like he's a person and not some little tot who doesn't understand a thing you say. As in, I don't think it's good to 'baby-talk' like say stuff like:"Ang-goo-goo!!!" all the time. Plus I'd probably go crazy if I just baby-talk Isaac for the next two months before I go back to work.

Then on Saturday, we shifted back home to JW! Wow!!! I tell you, if it's one place I miss during confinement, it's home! :) Hubbs had spent the whole of last thursday cleaning the house, so we could move back on Saturday. Was great that J & PY offered to help us shift back, for we'd so much stuff!!! Amazing how it accumulated since we were only at my mum's place for a month. So we all went to JW. H & S and YH & AS came around too. That was good coz they all carried Isaac the whole afternoon, leaving hubbs and I free to pack the house! kekeke...

Saturday and Sunday, hubbs and I looked after Isaac. But since, Monday till today, I've been taking care of Isaac myself (as hubbs had to go back to work again this week). So that's where I've been. I must say it's tiring. But, it's been good. I feel more bonded with Isaac now. And more confident of handling him. I suppose that's the thing about confinement... hiaz! okay, will leave that for another post!

adios amigo!

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