Wednesday, 31 October 2007

12 weeks sprinted away!!!

Just like that. 12 weeks gone. Isaac is now 12 and a half weeks old. And this this my 3rd day back at work. how depressing.

Actually, it didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. As in, I'd thought I'd miss Isaac a lot. Last week, before I was to start work this Monday, I'd often talk to Isaac, telling him that Mummy has to go to work, but that Mummy still loves him very much. Also kept telling him that he must remember me and my smell and who am I and that he must miss me!!! paranoid me, again, very scared he dun remember me how? I can talk talk talk to him until I start crying. so sad, know. He'd always smile and look very happy when I talk to him, but when I start crying, he'd stare at me and stop laughing. Like he knew.

Well, I must say I'm taking this whole coming back to work thingy quite well. I still miss him a lot, of course. But thankfully, am not emotional or teary about it at work. Don't even feel that way inside. Not sure why. I guess, ironically, it helps that I was constantly talking about him these few days. Coz all my colleagues at work would welcome me back with a "How's your baby?" and would exclaim "So cute!!!" when they see his pictures on my handphone.

Also, have been pumping milk at work. So, still feel kinda "useful" even at work - on being a mother, I mean. And of course, it helps that time flies when you're busy and before I know it, it's time to go home, and I can see my darling boy again!!! Can't wait to see him, and touch him and smell him. I'm happy we're bringing him home every night, and I don't think it's troublesome at all with all the shuttling.

Yesterday evening, he refused to drink from the bottle but happily latched on when I offered my breast. hehehe HAPPINESS. ah...

Hiaz. am so totally looking forward to the weekend now... so we can spend more time with Isaac.

Though, I must admit, it is certainly more tiring and strenous to stay home and look after him, than to come back to work. Salute all Stay At Home Mothers - really not easy.

Now, on the bright side, I am hoping to be able to blog every other day now, during lunch. Before, when I was looking after Isaac alone at home - this was hardly possible, as you can see from the frequency (or in-frequency...) of my posts...

hiaz... I miss my Isaac...

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