Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Giving love-bites at 3 weeks old!!!

These pictures are taken on 24th August 2007 - when Isaac was approximately two and half weeks old. Guess what he's doing? Showing his lurve for his Papa by giving him a love-bite! hahahaha many love bites actually! (see 2nd picture below)

We realised early on, that whenever hubbs carries Isaac in that position, and Isaac is hungry, he'd start to suck on hubbs' arm. Coz that's the approximate position of my breast if I were to carry him. And so he would suck. And then we'd know he is hungry. hahaha...

For babies cry for many reasons. So, sometimes we wouldn't know if he was hungry, or if he wanted to be carried, or if he is sleepy and wants to sleep (yes, Isaac cries if he wants to sleep - no, we don't understand why he can't just drift off to sleep without crying) . So when he starts to suck on hubbs' arm, we know...

Gradually, we learned to distinguish the suckle-for-fun-fake-hunger and the real-thing-hungry-baby. Basically - it's how hard he suckles. hahaha... if Isaac is suckling for the fun of it, for comfort, he would lick lick, suckle suckle, gentle suckling. But if he was really hungry, he'd suckle love-bite outta Papa's arm. And as you can see from the love bites picture, he is one lurving hungry guy.

Why don't I feed him? Oh, I do. Just that I needed to get ready, you see. (first time mothers, need more time to get ready you know) so while I get ready to feed him, hubbs carries him and bears the brunt of his hunger. Well at least hubbs has the battle scars to show . Mummies can't bare their sore nipples for all and sundry to inspect ;p

Lately, we realised that hubbs' delicious arm has graduated from being a substitue meal, to being a proper dessert! Isaac loves slurping his Papa's arm after a good meal at Mummy's! It's also his favourie nightcap - a musthave before he falls asleep at night! :)

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