Friday, 19 October 2007

Isaac as of 4th October 2007

hiya guys, just downloaded more pix from my camera to my laptop and you know what - the pictures are starting to look the same!!! think that's coz I keep taking pictures of Isaac when he's smiling. After awhile, his smiley pix all look the same! hahahaha but I love taking smiley pix!!! never the mind!!! I know what I'd do, I'd start taking pix of him with other facial expressions as well, like when he cries or something. YES, he cries. albeit a smiley baby he is, he still cries. well, he IS, afterall, a baby.

hehehe anywayz, here're some more smiley pix of Isaac!!! He who laughes must smile first!!! hahahahaha........


  1. How apt for mummy to take pics of Isaac on Godma's birthday. Heehee!

  2. Ooooh... Isaac is really soooo cute!!! I love his smiley face! His photos never fail to brighten my day!!


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