Thursday, 4 October 2007

You pig!!!

This is a picture of me and Isaac on 18th August 2007 - 12 days after Isaac was born. How'd I look? FAT, right? well, it WAS just 12 days after I delivered... (trying to console myself ;p)
Anywayz, what I wanted to say was... to complain and let of steam rather, was... that my mother-in-law keeps calling me TE-BOR (read in Teochew or Hokkien) - it literally means PIG-MOTHER (Mother Pig) - though what she really means is "Mother of the Pig" - since Isaac is born in the Year of the Pig.
But it is sooooo irritating!!! Wah lioaz, she keeps on calling me te-bor te-bor... urrghhh... never in my life (fat as I was) have I ever been called a PIG. Now, best - MOTHER PIG somemore. *roll*eyes*
Hiaz, but what to do, it would appear that I am certainly now a mother pig - since I am the mother of a PIG. *roll*eyes* so you see this picture, looks perfect doesn't it? A perfect picture of the Mother Pig and her Piglet. I certainly look humongously FAT here, no doubt about that!
hmmm... come to think of it... since this year is the Year of the Golden Pig - does that make me a KIM TE-BOR??? (Golden Mother Pig?!)
P.S. Hey! No offence against all those who ARE born in the Year of the Pig yeah?! Just thought this would make a hilarious post. Though it really IS quite irritating of my mother-in-law to keep calling me a Mother Pig - I'm half-amused, half exasperated by it, I guess. Well, in fact, the chinese do consider the Pig Year a good year tohave babies - in fact, this year, being the Year of the Golden Pig - is supposed to be a fantastically excellent year to have a little one! I have soooooo many friends and acquaintances who are pregnant! sighz!!! Next time, registering for school will be a big problem!!! jialatz!!!


  1. I am born in the year of the pig or the boar as they say in English translations.

    I used to mind it because people use to insult others with phrases like "stupid like a pig" or 笨猪. However, time and technology has proven that pigs are one of, if not the smartest animal on Earth (humans notwithstanding), so I am proud now to declare myself as an evening pig (because I am born in the evening). Ha! Ha!

    So, I see lucky things happening ...

  2. I forgot to add. Jen and Julian would love an invite to this blog so that they can ogle at little Isaac, like I am so lucky to.

    Can you please kindly send them an invite. Thanks!

  3. hahaha yes sorry, forgot to add - no offence against those who ARE born in the Year of the Pig - in fact this year is supposed to be a fantastic year for having babies!!! :) think I shall add this bit to the post hahaha... :)

    yes, okay have sent invites to Julian and Jen, they'd need to have a gmail account to log in though. :)

  4. Julian has a gmail account, so it shouldn't be a problem. Maybe he can show it to Jen and Mum over his laptop then. Thanks and don't worry about me feeling insulted at all.

    I would feel insulted if someone called me pig all the time too. ;-)


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