Friday, 2 November 2007

Cousin Natalie will arrive tomorrow!!!

Who is cousin Natalie? It's my sister's new baby!!! She is going to be born tomorrow!!! Yeah! My sister is pregnant with her third girl, and she's going to deliver via caesarean section tomorrow afternoon!!! (Her first two were c-sections as well, so this one also would be.)

So exciting!!! Always fun to have a new baby yeah - fun for everyone else but the baby's parents lah. hahahahhaa... but yeah, we're all eagerly anticipating the arrival of Natalie :) What would she be like? Like her big sister Rebecca - who is very girly and into disney princesses and anything pink in colour? Or like Isabelle - who's very active, always climbing up and down and likes to treat her Papa as a playground (slide, swing and spanish bull all rolled into one)? Or maybe she'd be a combination of both? or not like her sisters at all?

In any case, it'd be fun for Isaac to have a cousin his age to play with. Oh and of course, in December, Cousin Dylan will arrive via Mummy Dawn! That'd be fun too! That makes the three piglets on my father's side of the family.

On my mother's side of the family, we have FOUR!!! hehehe... Isaac, Natalie, Chloe and Kok Leong Kor Kor's daughter - donch know what her name is. The Pig Quartet. hahahaha...

There're soooooo many babies this year... Think we have more than 30 babies this year in my company. My department alone, there're 5 pregnant women this year. Steady yah? Very good fengshui here. They say if you want to get pregnant, just work in Ascendas and drink Ascendas' water - confirmed got results ;)

We're gonna have a tough time registering Isaac for school next time, with the huge batch of babies this year (don't you think you see pregnant ladies everywhere you go this year? not to mention all the friends who've delivered, and their friends who they say are having babies too!) One of the august mummies on the forum confessed to us that she'd registered her baby for Nursery already. But the worst thing was - apparently many people already did so before her, coz there were class timelsots that were all filled up and she only had certain timeslots to choose from!?!? SCARY!!!

tsk tsk tsk... we'd worry about that in a few years time.

for now, let us welcome all babies!!! woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh, Really! I thought she was due in December. Let me know the good news or am I already late? LOL.


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