Sunday, 18 November 2007

He flipped!

Isaac did! He flipped!!! At 5am on Thursday morning - 15th November 2007 (that makes Isaac about 14 weeks old - just over 3 calendar months from 6th August).

How'd I know it was 5am? Coz he'd woken up for a feed at about 4 plus. I'd fed him and when he was done (he'd usually disengage himself - i.e. he'd pui4 out my nipple) - I had already put him back on his bed. But he started to wake, open his eyes, and didn't seem inclined to go back to sleep.
So I checked the time and was telling him:" Isaac, it's 5am in the morning, can you please go back to sleep?!?!" Just then, hubbs asked me what time it was, I turned and repeated to him that it was 5am, and when I turned back to look at Isaac - he was lying on his front already!!! I didn't even see him turn!!! hahaha...

On Friday morning, also at approximately 5+ am, he flipped again. I knew he was about to flip coz he started to turn to his side in an action that's like a prawn being cooked. So I watched him. But then I was so tired, so in the split moment that I blinked and slept 3 seconds - he flipped!!! Ah yah!

Saturday morning, again at 4/5+ am I saw him trying to flip, but I was trying to feed him so I picked him up and fed him so he didn't complete his flip.

This morning, we had a little more time as we weren't rushing anywhere. So, when he woke up this morning, we made him flip. He flipped once! So we rushed for the camera. And we managed to catch him flipping his 4th time flip. Managed to get his arm out from under him all by himself too! But I'd only caught him a little after he started the flip. And we we flipped him on his back and made him flip again! hehehe... But this time, he took a little longer to flip - guess he had to be in the mood, yah. Eventually he did though hahaha.

I'd initially wanted to post both videos of the 4th and the 5th flip. But it turns out that the first video is 35MB, and the second one is 307MB!!! So we decided the first video is enough :p

Here's the video of the 4th flip!


hiaz. having problem uploading the video = been trying to upload the whole night. 2nd night feed already, the video still not uploaded?! tried both blogger video and youtube... hmmm... decided to publish this post first, off computer, then try to upload video again tmr.

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