Wednesday, 28 November 2007

ISAAC: International Standard Apparatus for Absolute Conditioning

Picture taken 26th October 2007

See. That's the ISAAC and me. My newly acquired gym equipment. Barely 3 and a half months old. It's the critically acclaimed International Standard Apparatus for Absolute Conditioning. I used to weigh 81kg at my peak. But over the past three and a half months, I have lost 14kg! That's like 1kg a week!!! All thanks to ISAAC!!!

It's an integrated system that is customised for my every need. Seeing that my biggest problem is excess calories, the ISAAC applies the Double S technique to alleviate this situation for me. Basically, it Sucks & Siphons the calories itself out of my body at every 3 hour interval! How's THAT for direct results?!

Next up, it deduces that my arms are flabby and proceeds to engage me in intense weight lifting. Everyday, I would have to lift the ISAAC itself - at least 20 repetitions a day. Minimally 20 times. The exercise trains and tones all parts of the arm, very thorough indeed. But the most beautiful part of the system, is that the weight that I lift would increase everyday - without me even realising it!?!? Ain't that a beauty?! I've been gradually lifting heavier and heavier ISAAC without even realising it! Can you imagine my delight when I found out that I can now lift a weight that is more than double the original weight that I used to lift at the start of this exercise regime!?

Then comes my big blob of fats at my tummy. The ISAAC knows the way to go - is to do more crunches - "abdominizer" style. Thus, all I have to do is to hold the ISAAC on my tummy and it would push and exert a pressure on my tummy and I would (and should) tense my stomach muscles so that it provides an equal and opposite force to the push coming from the ISAAC. The picture above shows me doing a set of the ISAAC : Abdominizer Crunches. Currently, I have yet to see much effect from these. I think it's coz I haven't been doing enough sets of it. The ISAAC knows this and is constantly signaling me to do so.

Lastly, the ISAAC senses that I have thunderous thighs and a humongous butt. Thus, it ensures that I am constantly on my feet, rushing here and there in the house taking things, washing things, doing things - basically keeping me busy so that I am always on my feet and do not have the chance to rest on my vast behind.

I hear from other people who have the ISAAC (and similar equipment) tell me that, in the near future, the ISAAC would even start to make me run here and there. *Shudder* am not looking forward to that though - I've flat feet and hate running.

All in all, even though it is definitely not cheap at all, I would say the ISAAC has been a good investment. I believe it would continue to yield good results in helping me reduce my weight. A great plus point of it is that it' constantly customises and updates and changes its activity plans for me - so I won't get bored doing the same thing day in day out, month in month out, year in year out.

But the best part about the ISAAC, says hubbs, it that now, I've assets that rival the infamous Amy Yip's... ... ... ... *blush* They're not THAT BIG!?!?

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  1. This was after ONLY Isaac leh!

    Now you have 3 machines! :D


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