Sunday, 25 November 2007

Isaac is now BOTAK HEAD!!!

Hubbs has been bugging me for the longest time to have Isaac's head shaved. He thinks that botak head babies look very cute, and keeps pointing out other botak head babies that we come across. He also said that he'd cut botak head himself when Isaac cuts botak head.

I was kinda reluctant, coz Isaac's hair... well, it's not much, but at least have some... and quite cute what - wispy wispy baby hair... But then quite a lot of people were saying that babies cut botak head then their hair will grow out again more evenly and thicker...

So I agreed to have Isaac's head shaved. We decided to do it this weekend coz next weekend's schedule's kinda packed, and we wanted to do it before Isaac turns 4 months on 6th December.

So, I was to try to shave Isaac's head :) Well, for those of you who don't know, I have taken hairdressing lessons before and have been cutting hubbs hair (yes yes darling hubbs has been my training head aka guinea pig) for the past 2 years or so. But I wasn't sure if my shaver could shave Isaac's hair coz his hair is so fine, even though I have the 'professional' kinda shaver.

Turns out there was nothing to worry about! The shaver worked fine!!! :) We placed Isaac in the Bumbo seat that Mary had lent us, and Isaac sat in it throughout his haircut! It's the perfect seat for a hair cut session! haha! Here're the pix!

Before pix of Isaac's hairdo

Here's Isaac in the Bumbo seat, trying to figure out what it is, I think!

And that's me shaving Isaac's hair!
After Isaac had his haircut, we bathed him, I latched him, and we tried to make him sleep... coz I was supposed to give hubbs a haircut too! Hehehehe... hubbs decided not to cut botak afterall... but he WAS due for a haircut, so... sleep Isaac! SLEEP!!!

He did. For like 5 minutes!?!? So I actually popped him in his playpen and turned the musical mobile. Yes, ours is hand-cranked. Relative passed this to us, it works well, and Isaac likes it - so we never bought a new one for him. Only thing is it's kinda troublesome coz we have to turn it.

So... guess what?! I had to keep running into the room to crank the musical mobile in between cutting hubbs' hair!!! And I managed to cut hubbs' hair in 4 cranksof the musical mobile!!! hahaha... how's that for speed cutting!!! kekeke...

Here're my two favourite men! So handsome, right!?!? :)

okay!!! CEO of PamMI is moonlighting!!! hahahaha... FREE BOTAK HEAD HAIRCUTTING for babies born this year! FREE HAIRCUTS for men (guy friends only, sorry no strangers kekeke) who like short short hair like hubbs! (no confidence in cutting long hair and women's hair :p) No guarantee that you'd be satisfied with your hairdo, but guaranteed FOC!!! hehehe... I reserve the right to say NO (without assigning any reasons) to anyone who wants a haircut!!! (better put in disclaimer, scully got chee-ko-pek lurking around :p) hahahaha seriously, email me if you require my hairdressing services for your baby - at your own risk! kekeke...

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  1. He looks so obedient in that chair while you cut his hair. Joshua still cries whenever we bring him to the barber. He just hates loud noises, constantly telling us that the TV is too loud sometimes. Ha! Ha!


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