Monday, 19 November 2007

Isaac's 4th flip!

I did it!Finally managed to upload the video of Isaac flipping! :)

In the August mummies forum thread, Isaac's one of the first to flip. Plus, he likes to flip at 4am/5am... he is indeed an EARLY FLIPPER!!! hahaha...


  1. eeeee! so cute! haha

    good strong back this boy has! :D

  2. hi. Got your blog add from Jo. By the way, my son is almost same age. Mine is slightly older.

    Your baby seem really strong to be able to flip at this age.

  3. hi dawn, yeah Isaac seems really strong. Even when he was just a few days old, his neck was surprisingly very strong (for that age) already! :)

    surfed by your blog - enjoyed reading it! so you're a teacher too! :) so is hubbs! (not me!)

    btw, your SIL's website link caught my eye coz we're both called Pamela - and was looking at her profile and found out that we're the same age, and both Taureans as well! How coincidental! :p


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