Wednesday, 21 November 2007

PamMI Pte Ltd

Isaac is fully fed by PamMI Pte Ltd - Pamela Milk Industries Pte Ltd!!! *big*grin*

I have been fully breastfeeding Isaac since he was born. During my 12 weeks maternity leave, I usually latched him on direct for 98% of the time. Thank goodness he can latch on fine. Have been psychoing him since he was in my tummy to "Please learn how to suckle Mummy's breast properly. Please learn how to suckle Mummy's breast properly. Please learn how to suckle Mummy's breast properly." hehehe... goooooood boy...

A month before I went back to work, I pumped while he latched and stocked up frozen breastmilk like crazy. So by the time I went back to work, I had a freezerful of expressed breast milk (EBM). Even when I went back to work, I pumped while I was in office. So, PamMI was in full operation all this while.

Since I went back to work on 29th October, Isaac has been drinking (defrosted and warmed) frozen EBM in the day when hubbs' mother is taking care of him. We went with the FIFO (first-in-first-out) principle of using the breast milk. So he was drinking EBM that was about a month old.

However, when we went to the paediatrician's last Friday, pd was suggesting that we give him fresh EBM instead - i.e. pumped today, drink tomorrow. Coz fresh milk is the most nutritious, right? ;)

So, since Monday 19th Nov 2007, Isaac now has fresh milk to drink everyday. And only the surplus is frozen.

Now this is a major change for PamMI. Coz now day-to-day operations have changed. Everyone in PamMI from the CEO (Chief Expressing Officer) to the Packaging Unit, Storeman, and Janitor (quite messy sometimes you know) has been affected by this change in company policy. We're still adjusting as we speak. (Who's "we"? Me, me, and oh! ME!!!)

Here's how things used to run in PamMI.This is the CEO's workstation: My Brestfriend breastpillow for adequate support and comfort for the client; a pillow to further enhance the comfort of the client and ensure optimum positioning for maximum access to the milk outlet; pumping equipment for expressing surplus milk; tissue for wiping the client's mouth and face when milk gets on them (and a little basket for containing used tissues), and water for the thirsty CEO who finds milk production a very dyhydrating experience indeed.

Here's the CEO with our major (and only) client, providing top notch direct-to-client service and conducting her CEO duties at the same time.

A quick peek at our treasured client... :)

After the session, milk is capped, labelled with date, time and quantity produced, and stored in the refrigerator in chronological order.

Milk is labelled and bagged, and placed in a plastic container and stored so that it will be frozen into a fixed and uniformed shape for efficient use of storage space.

The store(wo)man ensures that the frozen milk is stored in the freezer in chronological order, neatly and efficiently.

Milk is then transported to hubb's parents' place via a Fridge-To-Go and ready for defrosting for serving to the client.

However, now with the change in company directive, PamMI now supplies fresh milk to its client every day. Thus PamMI enters a new phase as the above production line is now half as active and there is a new process in place to handle the fresh milk order.

We hope that everything will be well at PamMI. Till our next report... stay tuned!


  1. WA LAU EH!

    you were expressing THAT huge amt of milk...with a MANUAL PUMP?! *applause*

  2. hahaha during my maternity leave that time was using avent manual pump all the way. but now got the medela PIS to use at work. but when I am at home and pump when Isaac drinks - still using the avent manual.

  3. This is very funny and informative. Calling yourself an organisation. We debated between getting a friend of ours an electric pump when we threw a baby shower for her, but decided against it eventually, because we thought she would be too "trendy" to breast-feed for too long. We were right. Ha! Ha!

  4. Hi,
    my gal is now 15mths and my supply drops whenever period is coming... able to share how to increase supply?


  5. Seriously, all together now. "Pam.... is the champion.... my friend....."


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