Wednesday, 14 November 2007

What Mummy think's of Papa's 1st blog entry

I'm sorry, I can't resist this. I was just thinking about what I should write about, as I haven't written something substantial for a long time (ok, it's a long time to ME, ok?!). There're many things I could write about, I suppose, but I wanted to write about something which would energise me, you know, get the writing juices going - coz frankly, I'm quite shacked out, and I wanna go to bed, BUT I wanna write something... so, I decided, I truly, simply, can't resist this. I have to comment on hubbs' first blog entry. I mean, seriously, how can I just IGNORE it, right?! I can't! It's beyond me!!!

Yes, hubbs was right. I have been bugging him to blog. kekeke... I purposely added him as an author, and pointedly told him that he can log in with his own gmail account, and write stuff. I guess I just wanted him to participate, you know. (or maybe I just wanted to kar cheow him when I see him re-reading his Slam Dunk comics ;p)

So anywayz, he was mighty pleased the day he wrote his blog entry. Told me that he'd written about his feelings as a new father. I was eagerly waiting to see what he's written, for hubbs can be particularly insightful sometimes, you know. (stop sniggering, you there. YES, YOU! Stop!!!)

So, frankly, I was kinda surprised to read his entry - it was about The Beginning. It was a summary of what happened in the first days of our parenthood. And I was surprised. Coz... coz it was amazingly? concidentally? similar to my first entries in this blog. In fact, I was kinda stunned. So much so that I didn't even mention it to hubbs, when I read it.

The thing is, hubbs is not the kinda person to "copycat" - not about such things, no, he's not. So, the first thing to come to mind is - he's like me! He's CHRONOLOGICALLY-INCLINED too!!! Which is shocking, and a revelation to me. For all those of you who know hubbs - when has he ever done such trivial things IN ORDER!? *stunned* shockerdoodledee!!! HAHHAHAAHA...

I mean, seriously, why would he write about The Beginning, at this point in time?! There must be a dozen and one things he could write about but yet he chose to blog his virgin post (his words) on The Beginning?! hahahahhaa... I must have rubbed off on him.

Then it struck me how this was a kinda milestone. It's like a milestone of our marriage, how we've come to learn about each other, to know each other, understand each other, so much so that we kinda BECOME like each other. Yikes. Scary!!!

Yet, of course, we are different. As I was reading his blog entry, I couldn't help but mentally correct his spelling, grammatical errors and sentence structure amongst other things. Anal me, yes yes. I knew the answer before I even asked him, but I HAD to ask:" Erm, dear, can I correct your english?" Of course he said "No!" hahahaha...

Also, I found myself subconsciously "expanding" on what he'd written. That's the cheong-hey part of me acting up. There's so much to expand on! There's so much to say, so much to tell! And there's the "drama-mama" part of me, structuring the story in my mind, thinking of a more exciting way to say what he was saying... and then I remembered - I told you guys all about it already - in my posts... much more long-winded posts...

hahaha, apologies if all this ranting is boring you, but it is very intriguing to me.

hehehe I shall ask hubbs about this... :) (he says I have many questions. always, I am asking him funny questions. interesting mah!)

though, one thing I must say, all things considered, I think that was a great virgin post by hubbs! Well done!!! :)

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