Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Cough cough cough

On the night that I was away, 18th December, Isaac developed a cough. He started coughing that night. 19th, when I was back, he was still coughing. On 20th, we wanted to bring him to see a doctor, but the PDs were all closed coz it was Hari Raya - a public holiday. So on 21st, Friday morning, I brought him to see the PD in the morning before I went to work.

By then, I was coughing a little already. Think I got it from Isaac. Over the weekend, Christmas eve, and Christmas Day, our coughing steadily grew worse, and now hubbs has got it too. We've all got the hacking phelgmy cough. It disturbs Isaac's sleep and he has been cranky at night coz of it. So, our sleep gets disturbed too coz Isaac wakes up more often, and it's more difficult to pat him back to sleep coz he is cranky. Think that contributed to my and hubbs' cough getting worse.

So today, hubbs and I dropped Isaac off at my in-laws' place, hubbs sent me to work coz I had urgent stuff to rush out. And he went to get us numbers at the doctors. Then he picked me up late morning, when our numbers were approaching. Went to see doc, had lunch, then came back to sleep off the flu.

I've MC for tomorrow, but I kinda need to rush stuff coz I'm gonna start at my new department come January. Not many working days left this year! Hiaz, think I'd just sleep late and go into office in the afternoon tomorrow.

HIAZ. I've never been on MC so often before. Am seldom sick, perhaps once or twice a year. Even when I was pregnant, I hardly took MC at all. Guess less sleep and all didn't help. The week before, on 13th Dec, I was on MC as well, coz I had very bad blocked nose - wait, oh, yeah - I got that from Isaac too.

Ah well. what to do, I'm always in such close proximity of him that I guess it's inevitable I'd get the viruses from him. hahaha... Though PD says that Isaac is doing very well even though he has flu - largely and probably coz I am breastfeeding him - and hence he has more antibodies and high resistance coz of that. hehehe... Was happy to hear that :)

Okay, so all that's where we've been lah - what with the boobsy retreat, Christmas and all of us being sick - hardly had enough time to rest, much less blog. We didn't even go to the Christmas night party we were invited for - we all stayed home to rest and to sleep!

Have to go sleep already, tired.

Will upload more pix of Isaac, while I go wash the milk bottles and pump :p enjoy!

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