Monday, 10 December 2007

He flipped BACK!!!

Isaac flipped! He flipped BACK this time!!! I'd been telling him for ages:"Isaac, can you please learn how to flip back? so that you won't wake Mummy everytime you are uncomfortable on your front and want to flip back..." Then hubbs would always say:"Not so fast one lah... he'd be about 6 months before he learns how to flip back onto his back..." HA HA HA! Alright, Isaac!!! SHOW PAPA!!! You did it!!! Well done! hahahhaa...

Isaac flipped on Sunday afternoon 9th December 2007 - that makes him 4 mths and 3 days old when he flipped back. I was just talking to him, with him on his front. Then suddenly, he just tipped over! hahaha I was so excited I went to get hubbs to come see. Then I flipped Isaac over to his front, and asked him to flip back again, so that I could catch it on video. And he did! hahaha... WELL DONE, ISAAC!!!

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