Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Shio-nek oei!!!

Isaac has many names. I call him Isaac, most of the time. Well, most people do.

Our friend, Andrina, calls him Emmanuel (Isaac's middle name) coz she thinks that Emmanuel's a very nice name.

My nieces Rebecca and Isabelle calls him Baby Isaac. Actually, we found that a lot of people naturally called him Baby Isaac. As in, everyone automatically adds the "Baby" in front. We were thinking of all the other babies, and we don't ever recall automatically adding the "Baby" in front when call them... but it seems to be the case for Isaac. It's like Natalie, my youngest niece, was born 3 months after Isaac. But we'd all naturally go:" Hi Natalie! Hi Baby Isaac!" hahaha... dunno why also...

My mother-in-law calls him a variety of names. From Wenyuan (Isaac's chinese name) to "Te-Kiah" (piglet!) to "shio-nek" (in Teochew, it means "my precious"). This last name was coined by hubbs, I think. At least, when I first heard it, he was the one who said it. Gollum never fails to pop into my head everytime I heard hubbs go:"Shio-nek oei!!!"

I think it's quite cheeem Teochew, coz I'm Teochew and I never heard of the term shio-nek. Then again, my Teochew's not fantastic. Anywayz, I enjoy putting an angmoh('english') slang onto the term and call Isaac:"shio-nek..." - until hubbs told me:"Wait he thinks he's called Shawnette ah..." hummphh, well HE started it...

Gen, hubb's cousin asked one day:"Does Isaac have any nicknames?" I said:"Oh yes, he's called Shio-nek!" Gen:"Short neck?! hahaha you guys are so mean! his neck is not THAT short!" Me:"what??? oh!!! no, no, not short neck! SHIO-NEK! teochew for 'my precious'!!! hahaha..." Then we all turned and looked at Isaac's neck... hmmm....................

Couldn't see any neck. But heck! We're NOT calling him NO-NECK okay!!!


  1. hahahaha! So funny! Am imagining the two of you stealing glances at Isaac's neck. :D Jed's neck is non-existent as well, well hidden behind the fatty folds...

    So both you and your hubby are Teochew... while both my hubby and I are Cantonese. :) Do you speak Teochew at home then? We are planning to expose Jeddy to the dialect. ;D

  2. hahaha yeah! Jed and Isaac are both noneks! hahahaha...

    yeah! we're defintely planning to teach Isaac Teochew! That's gonna be the topic of one of my posts coming up, actually! :)


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