Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Here's all of us in SpideyVille wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!! :)

pix above taken on 21st September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Botak reading in the car

okay in true irritating me fashion... I'm going "continue with the past posts chronology" hahahhahahaa... oh alright, I confess: I haven't had the time to upload the holiday pix yet... am also still pretty anal about the chronology thing though... kekeke... Here's my botak beng boy reading oh so seriously in the car...
pix taken on 21st September 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

hi everyone!!! Merry Christmas!!! hahahaha... yes yes, so sorry for MIAing... As many of you would have guessed, we went of to the States, and just got back not too long ago. We all fell sick immeidately after we got back, which is largely why I haven't been blogging.

In fact, I'm onto my second course of medicine, and my flu's still not showing signs of letting up. As of right now, my nose is completely blocked, and I have to stop in between brushing teeth to breathe!!! hhahahaa...

However, I do have to confess, it's my current obsession with boardgames that's also keeping me away from blogging! hahahaha... I've been having a great time buying loads of boardgames online, sent them to my sister at Stanford, so I could go bring them back when we come back from the States.

Yeah, they're much cheaper to buy online in usa, coz the games sold here in sgp are mostly imported from the states. So, I save on the shipping costs and profit margins of the local sellers, which make the games I buy about 30% to 50% of the prices here!

We went to usa with 3 suitcases of which 2 were filled with our clothes ( winter time for 17 days for 2 adults and a toddler - not bad already okay...) and came back with 4 and a half luggages! 2 of which were filled with my games!!! wooohoooo!!!

hubbs had a big purchase too! he bought a BICYCLE!!! hahahhaa... yes, he actually bought a full sized road bike - it's still there though. We got it sent to mr Thor, hubbs' good friend in Arlington, Texas (whom we visited! and had a great time with!) and he's gonna be bringing back the bike with him when he comes back next month for Chinese New Year. So that's a belated xmas gift to himself he got there! :)

All in all, this is a good christmas for us coz of all these gifts we have HAHAHA... but it's horrid coz of the flu and all. I'm down bad, and Isaac's got it bad too. We kinda got sick in the first place coz Isabelle passed the bug to Isaac whilst we were visiting them. and I got it from Isaac, and hubbs got it from us. But how'd you tear the kids apart, when they're so totally enjoying each other's company???

Isabelle especially, was thrilled at having Isaac over, and she absolutely loved playing with him, and so did Isaac love playing with his Isabelle cheh cheh. She would constantly reach out to hug and kiss him, and pinch his cheeks saying "Isaac, you sooooooo cute!!!" then she would tickle tickle him, and make him laugh by making funny faces and jumping up and down and doing all sorts of funny actions. Towards the end of the trip, when we told Isabelle that we were leaving to return to sgp, and we asked if she would miss us, she said she would only miss Isaac! and that Isaac was her best friend! hahahaa :)

Ah well, what's a little sniffle now and then huh :D

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Pushing books!

Who's the culprit??? Yes, our dear hero Mr Isaac Tan.
Catch the hero in action!!! :) pushing books at the library...

pix & vid taken on 21st Sept 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

Incidentally, in the video, did you notice what book popped out towards the end? Hercules!!! hahahaha I laughed non-stop when I first saw it... thought it was kinda appropriate in its circumstances... My Isaac is a Herculean boy!!! hahaha...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Isaac & Mummy!

Yay!!! Little Charlene agrees with Auntie Pam that Isaac should have more pix with his Mummy!!! :) So after much nagging by yours truly, hubbs is actively taking more pix of us both - well, as actively as can be, given his previous state of 'inactiveness', still leaves much to be desired but improvement is almost 300% (due to the small denominator HAHAHA)
Anywayz, hubbs claims that when he wanted to take pix, I often say I don't look "nice enough" - as in, I feel underdressed, or unkempt, or oily, or whatever. Hmmm... fair enough. So! I've decided not to reject photo taking coz of these reasons wherever possible (read: whenever not so jialat kekeke...) I figured my toothy smile would cover all bases ;p
But then, now, my complain is - how come I can always manage to catch Isaac and hubbs in pictures where BOTH look nice, smiley and all, but hubbs doesn't?! sob sob. Isaac always don't smile in pix with me one. hummmphhh... WHY YOU SO LIDAT?! ;p
pix above taken on 21st September 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Steady walking

Here're some vids of Isaac walking pretty steadily without us holding on to him for balance, when he was 13 and a half months. Pretty quick for a boy to start walking, we're told. He could more or less walk at 12 months or so, except that he couldn't balance himself.

Here he is pretty pleased with his new found freedom! :)

pix & vids taken on 21st September 2008
Isaac@ 13 and a half months

Friday, 21 November 2008

Isaac & Jor-el

Isaac & friends: Jor-el

Guess who came to play? Jor-el!!! He's hubbs secondary school friend's son (and it's a female friend too, even though hubbs came from Catholic High which is all male school. When confronted with that fact, hubbs admits that Jor-el's mummy's from a group of gals that he and his group of friends got to know during secondary school... tsk tsk tsk... see lah see lah... kekeke...)
Well, for those of you who are into Superman, and wondering... yes, Jor-el apparently was named after the character of the same name in Superman... Jor-el's Daddy's a Superman fan, as you can tell by now. Jor-el's a nice name though... more cool than Clark. And certainly, Isaac is a waaaay coooler name than Peter Parker ;)

Here's Isaac trying to hold on to all his toys to prevent Jor-el from getting to them! hahahaa...
pix taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus
Jor-el @ 13 months (I think)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Reader, more reading!

This is a series of nice pix showing Isaac reading :) we're really glad that he likes books and all.
Though we're feeling a bit guilty that we haven't been reading to him much lately, been busy and all... *mental*note* must read more to Isaac...
Isaac likes to take our finger to point at stuff. Sometimes it's to remind us to point out stuff and tell him about them - coz sometimes we forget to do so, we just yak away without pointing out stuff to him.

He even does this in the car - he'd take my finger and point it on the window - telling me to tell him about the stuff we see going by outside.
However, sometimes, it's like when we tell him not to touch something coz it is dirty/hot/cold/whatever undesirable - then he would take OUR FINGER/HAND to touch that thing!?!? hahahaha... then I'd say "No, Mummy also cannot touch!" then he'd grin at me. sighz. hahahhaa...
pix taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

We often encourage Isaac by saying what he did was good, and clap our hands. He understands that clapping hands means "good".

Since he was much younger, hubbs used to ask him when we feed him something:"Is it nice to eat? If so, clap your hands!" and so he would! :) He doesn't always clap his hands when we ask this - which led me to wonder - is it him being stubborn or just simply not in the mood to clap? Or is it that the food is only 'alright' and not really 'nice' - that's why he doesn't clap?

I discussed this with hubbs and we suspect it's the latter. Which we find kinda 'scary'/amusing... coz like, we're constantly being amazed and amused that a little kid so young can 'understand' a lot of things... hahaha... so it just goes to show, we shouldn't underestimate kids nowadays... and that we should always watch our own behaviour in front of the kids!!! (This, I always tell hubbs when he starts digging his nose in full view of Isaac... sighz...) ;p

The weekend is COMING!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Shave it all!!!

This is Isaac's latest haircut. Or rather, this is the BEFORE shot of the haircut. Previously, we had left a small tuft in the front, right? Coz hubbs and in laws that it was cute. Ok it is, rather.

So this time, hubbs wanted to leave two tufts - one on each side of the head. Which I was soooo not in favour of. Oh, why? Coz look like those china babies of old, where they have either the tuft in front, or the two tufts at the side, or all three tufts.
I felt that the two tufts would look awful, but hubbs insisted. So I shaved Isaac down the middle, and while he was bawling away, I looked at hubbs and said:"So how? Still want to leave the 2 tufts?" coz it was really very ugly!!! hahahhaa luckily hubbs finally saw for himself that it was awful looking, and gave me the go ahead to just cut Isaac's whole head of hair short...

So here it is!!! :)
Number 1 all the way. Short short short...Quite cute also lah, huh... :)
See the side of his head, not much hair still... Hope more will grow out... :p
Here's Isaac trying to give hubbs a hand in marking his exam scripts! kekeke... We're just thankful he didn't tear any up!!!
Look at Isaac in shoes and all. Really makes him look like a big boy already yah. A colleague of mind just commented the other day, that she was surprised to see Isaac in person and see that he is quite small sized - coz he looks quite 'big' in the pictures. hahaha...
pix taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Diaper vid!!!

Hehehe apologies for not updating much these days. We’ve been pretty busy trying to prepare for our trip to San Francisco. Oh yes, didn’t I tell you? We’re going to San Francisco to look for my sister, my bro-in-law and my three lovely nieces! Kekeke… My mum just came back from there last Friday. So, we’re having fun asking her about their life there.

Okay, back to my post. This is one of our favourite vids. We’ve been wanting to take this vid for some time, and we finally got down to it.

Since the time when Isaac could flip himself easily, he would always tend to do so when we were changing his diaper. This made things very difficult and frustrating for us. Thus, I started talking to him about it: “Isaac, can you please lie down properly? How are we supposed to change your diaper if you don’t lie down on your back? It’s very difficult to wear your diapers for you, you know… It’s just take awhile, so just be a bit patient, and we’d be done in a jiffy. Can you PLEASE lay still!?!?...” and on and on I would go.

Thus it came as quite a surprise one day, when we told Isaac that we wanted to change his diaper, and he just rolled over and let us change him!!! At first, we thought it was a coincidence, but no, we tried it again and again, and he did as he was told, he laid still to let us change his diaper!

Then we went one step further and told him to take a diaper for us to change him – and he did!!! Hahaha…

So we finally took this video of Isaac in action. But then, he made a boo boo this time when he mistook a white pvc sheet for his diaper. Hahaha… But still a great vid – enjoy!!!

vid taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 and a half months

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Breakfast walk

This is actually near the place where we always meet my dad for breakfast on Saturday mornings. We go there to eat kuay chup :p yum yum...
So while we eat, usually one of us would have to entertain Isaac. Walk him around or something. Look at the birds, look at the cat, look at the plants & flowers, look at the ants, look at aunties and uncles eating breakfast :)
This is also the first time Isaac's wearing the Crocky shoes. He loves them! They're kinda huge for him still, but coz he was wearing this cute one piece pyjama suit which had leg coverings as well, these were the only shoes that could fit over them! hahaha...

Enjoy the vid of Isaac walking... :)

pix & vid taken on 20th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Monday, 10 November 2008

Busy busy busy...

Isaac's been keeping himself busy while his three cousins are away... Here he is having a go at the dvd drawer again... He'd take out the remote controls, and unload the drawer of its contents. A few times, he even wanted to climb in and sit in the drawer!!! Luckily we managed to pull him away in time - before the whole drawer breaks!!!
And when Isaac is tired, here he comes, to Mummy, for a little sip... ;p
Kekeke... this is Meanie Mummy Pammie's doing... I pasted the sunkist sticker on Isaac's face... kekeke... he didn't notice at all... So now I have a sunny Sunkist Boy! hiak hiak hiak...

Here's our hero busying himself... sighz...

pix & vid taken on 19th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Mid Autumn Festival celebration

We participated in the Mid Autumn Festival celebration that was held at the park near my parents place. Just went there to soak in the atmosphere basically...
Hubbs was playing with sparklers and all. Isaac wasn't frightened by the sparklers and even wanted to hold them.
He was pretty okay with the crowd too. Here, look below to see him walking amidst the crowd... with mummy stalking him... :)

pix & vid taken on 14th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bathing Isaac

Here's Papa bathing Isaac. (notice how there are hardly pix of me bathing Isaac... not that I don't bathe him okay, kekeke... ;p I better stop saying before hubbs clobbers me!!! )Isaac still usually sits in the bathtub while being bathed. This is one of the rare occassions where he prefers to stand.
See how hubbs pours the water on Isaac's head? We usually do this when we bathe him coz we want him to get used to having water down his face. This is from our experience of Becca and Isabelle - both of them do not like to have water down their face. But think they should be better now, after taking swimming lessons and all.
Our smiley loves the water. Now, during the school hols, hubbs still has to go back to school everyday for meetings and stuff. But occassionally, he gets to end early, like at 3pm or something, so he'd bring Isaac swimming! Isaac loves swimming! :)
Isaac's dexterity's pretty good. Here's a pic of him using the container to scoop water on himself. After seeing us do that all the time, he would wanna take the container and do it himself.
Enjoy the vid! :)

pix & vid taken on 14th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Friday, 7 November 2008

Channel surfing

Here's Isaac channel surfing at my parents' place. And when the channels don't change after much pressing, he slowly edges towards the tv.
Of course, secretly, we're happy that the channels don't change - coz we wanna watch!!! hahaha see the Couch Papatato in the background...
You see, Isaac doesn't realise that he's pointing the remote at his tummy!!! The worms in his tummy must be wondering who's changing the channels! kekeke...
Bored with channel surfing, Isaac proceeds to play with Becca & Isabelle cheh chehs artistic creations!!!
pix taken on 14th September 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Isaac parades... TOPLESS!!!

Isaac's exactly 15 months old today!!! Happy 15 months old, Isaac!!! :) *mental*note* must remember to take pix with ET tonight... *m*n*Here's our hero. Strutting around topless, while we prepare his bath water.
Sometimes, Isaac doesn't want to wear his clothes at all. He'd struggle and make complain noises when put on his clothes for him.
This time, this he wet his onesie drinking water or something, so we wanted to change him outta it - and he refused to put on clothes after that. So we said:"Ah.... pong pong!!!" hahahaha...
He's a big boy now, ain't he? Quite tall and relatively slim. Just like his Papa. Okay lah, good to get this from his Papa... rather than be a short fat bom bom like me, right? sobz ;p
pix taken on 14th Sept 2008
Isaac @ 13 months plus


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