Monday, 28 January 2008

Sightings of a Sarong MerBoy


Sightings of a Sarong MerBoy!

picture taken on 25th November 2007

A Sarong MerBoy has been spotted off the coast of Jurong West, Commonwealth, Upper Bukit Timah, and occasionally as far as Hougang. Surfacing most often at night in Jurong West, the Sarong MerBoy is said to be most active in the night, often flipping continuously up to 5 or 6 times in a row.
picture taken on 22nd October 2007

Usually a silent creature, the Sarong MerBoy sometimes does cry out suddenly and loudly for a short while before lapsing into silence again. It has been witnessed before that, continuous flipping that propels the Sarong MerBoy into an obstruction such as a wall, will also cause the Sarong MerBoy to cry out in pain and frustration.
above picture taken on 25th November 2007

Legend has it that the Sarong MerBoy was once the young of the homo-sapien species that had trouble getting to sleep. Thus he transformed into the Sarong MerBoy so that he is able to get some proper rest. In the beginning, the Sarong MerBoy did not have any upper body appendages, commonly known as "arms". However, as the night progresses the Sarong MerBoy will grow the appendages . Nowadays , these appendages are permanent.
picture taken on 2nd December 2007

The Sarong MerBoy is also able to change colour, almost at will. The local Sarong MerBoy spotted is said to be of the Nonya Chinese variety, bearing patterns and colours that hail from the local Straits Settlement community.
picture taken on 10th December 2007

Pictures of the Sarong MerBoy are hard to come by as it usually only surfaces at night. Nevertheless, we, here at PST Productions, will do our best and go all out to get these exclusive pictures for you, our loyal readers! Enjoy!

(C) PST Productions 2008

Monday, 21 January 2008

Cousin Natalie & Isaac

Remember when we were talking about Cousin Natalie's arrival? My sister's 3rd girl, Natalie, was born in the afternoon of 3rd of November 2007. Weighing in at 2.9kg, she is heavier at birth than her two elder sisters were. Both Rebecca and Isabelle were approx 2.7kg each.

picture taken on 10th November 2007
Isaac @ 3 mths; Natalie @ 1 week

Natalie was born with quite a lot of hair, same as her sister Rebecca. She resembles Rebecca a lot. Even her temperament was quite similar. So much so that my mum says it is like looking after Rebecca all over again.
picture taken on 10th November 2007 - Natalie @ 1 week

Natalie and Isaac haven't exactly played together yet - they're too young to really know how to play with together. Recently, however, we did place them together, to take photos hehehe, but look what Isaac did - he kept trying to touch Natalie, and even pulled her shirt, using it as leverage for him to turn and face her! hahaha...
As you can see, Natalie's still a little oblivious to what Isaac is doing! hahaha... Look at her mop of hair - compared to Isaac's sparse strands! But he certainly has a 'boy's face' and she a more 'girly face', isn't it? :)
above 3 pictures taken on 9th January 2008
Natalie @ 2 mths; Isaac @ 5 mths

And at 2 mths, Natalie's quite a good size - looks just slightly smaller than Isaac at 5 mths! Both Natalie and Isaac are fully breastfed at the moment. See, that's the benefit of breast milk for you. Isaac didn't put on much weight in his 4th month coz he's been drinking lesser milk, only this past week has he started to drink more. Well, more on that in another post ;p

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Bumbo warning video

You've seen Isaac seated in the Bumbo seat in many a picture. It's really quite a cool concept - this molded pvc rubber thingy that can hold most babies' butt and legs. And it's quite useful too, keeps the baby still - I even cut Isaac's toenails while he sits in it. And his hair too, I cut while he sits in it.

Recently, however, the Bumbo seat was recalled by its manufacturers - so that they could put a warning label on its box, and add more disclaimers to its instruction booklet - something like that. Basically, some silly parents on the other side of the world have been placing the Bumbo seat - with their babies in them - on the kitchen counter top, dining table, etc.

Silly, isn't it. So, babies have been falling outta their Bumbos and onto the kitchen floor - cracking and fracturing their skulls. (Read more about it here)

Basically, think the Bumbo is fine. But you should never leave the child unattended, even for a short while. And you should always use the Bumbo on the floor (so that if the child falls - less distance to fall).

Anywayz, here's an warning video that we think should be included in the new instructions package for the recall.

Isaac's Christmas pressies!

Isaac presents... his Christmas pressies!!!

Hi everyone! This is my maiden post - presenting to you my Christmas presents! Mummy's been busy, so that's why we're late in posting this... But better late than never! Here's my first Christmas' hoard!

Popo got me my very first mobile phone. She got one for Natalie too, so we can both use it together! Need to read the instructions behind to see whether can change ring tone and put Mummy's picture as my wallpaper... hmmm...

Oh and I got a book from Kor Kor Justin, Auntie Wee Lee & Uncle Yee Fong! I love books!
Mummy tells me this is how she enjoys her books too. First, she takes a sniff at them... *sniiiifff* sighz... the smell of books is heavenly...
Then she slowly opens it up to read about the millions of worlds contained within... Ahhhh... Good method, Mummy!

Got this musical activity table from Aunties Minjie & Huey Huey and Uncles Teck, Jason & Michael! It's great! Seems a whole lot of fun! It's meant for little boys twice my age, but I think I can handle it. Love the bright colours!

My Moo Moo!!! hehehe Ee-ee Yew Hui, Ee-ee Yew Ling and Gugu Yew Yi gave Moo Moo my Ty beanie to me! I love him! It's got this great texture that's nice and towelly-smooth when I rub it against my face. Ee-ee Yew Hui says that when she saw Moo Moo - it reminded her of my Mummy!!! That's why she chose Moo Moo for me!

Let's see if Moo Moo tastes as nice as Mummy... hmmm...

Bleeaauughh... tastes a bit different leh. Moo Moo's an acquired taste. I now chew on him daily! Till Mummy takes him away from me to keep me from slobbering all over him... hummphh! return me my Moo Moo!!!

This mobile thingy is from our neighbours Kor Kors Ethan & Elliot and Auntie Angie & Uncle Joshua. It's cool! Now Papa can hang it in the car for me to look at when I sit in the carseat! Auntie Angie says Kor Kor Ethan specially chose it for me! Thanks Kor Kor Ethan!!!

Spider Spud!!! I got a Spider-Man Mr Potato Head from Aunties Weiqin, Cecilia, Suqing, Irene, Huijun and Baofen, and Uncles Eric, Alan, Yongjian and Bingquan. It's cute! but Mummy says I can't play with it yet coz the parts are too small.
WAIT A MINUTE!? Is this Spidey Spud for Mummy or for me!?!? I think it's for Mummy! She's the SpideyFan! hehehe... But nevermind... luckily I also like Spidey - must be Mummy's influence...
And Godma Pamela gave me this LeapFrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo! It's fun! I was playing with it the moment Mummy helped me open this present. I just spin the wheel, and it'd tell me what is the alphabet and what animal starts with it, and the sounds the animal makes as well. Fun!
And this Pooh Bear onesie is my present from Lauren, Auntie Christina & Uncle Leslie. Mummy! Where are the socks that Auntie Christina got me??? these are not the ones!?

Okay, that's all folks!

Thanks very much for all the presents! I love them all and would treasure them and keep them in good condition for my little bros and/or sisters next time.

Thanks again!!!

Isaac :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Like Papa like Isaac

picture taken on 5th November 2007

hehehe... like father like son... like Papa like Isaac... happened to catch them both in the same sleeping position... hahaha...

No, Isaac doesn't sleep with us in our bed. He has his own mattress that's beside ours. Just that at that time in October/November, when Isaac hadn't learnt to flip yet, on weekends when we sleep in, I'd be nursing (another term for breastfeeding) Isaac lying down. Then I would place him between hubbs and me, and sleep in a little more.

On these occasions, I noticed their similar positions and quickly whipped out me trusty camera :) usually, I remain nearby to keep an eye on them... Afraid that hubbs would accidentally elbow Isaac! which he has done to ME a couple of times in his sleep! hahaha... Luckily my head quite hard! kekeke...
picture taken on 16th November 2007

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sleep, Isaac, sleep!

This is the latest method we found that can make Isaac sleep when we're outside.

We realised that weekends really mess up Isaac's sleep schedule, and he can get very cranky when he doesn't sleep enough in the day. On weekdays that is fine, coz my MIL takes care of Isaac while we're at work, and she has the yao2 lan2 (my family calls it "the sarong") so she can lull Isaac to sleep easily by placing him in the swinging thingy.

On weekends, the problem is, we're always going out. We're like, meeting friends for brunch/lunch/dinner, going to friends'/relatives' homes for gathering etc etc So, Isaac gets distracted by the different environment and he is curious to the point that he wants to look at everything and everyone - and doesn't want to sleep. Or, finds it difficult to sleep.

We used to have a pretty tough time. Isaac'd cry and cry when he gets tired and frustrated but is unable to sleep. Hubbs'd have to carry him and rock him to make him sleep - trouble is, Isaac would CRY very very loudly and chee-cham-ly that everyone who's around us would be very worried and concerned as they're not aware that that's Isaac pre-sleep ritual.

Well, we think it's his pre-sleep ritual lah. Coz he's been like this since he was 2 weeks old. Even at home. Always crying before he sleeps, no matter what we do. Hahaha yes - can't find the solution to a perennial problem => proclaim it as "normal".

But I must say it IS getting better. At home, he doesn't cry as much already - oh yes, he's beginning to "recognise house" already. More on that in another post. And outside, we discovered that this method of slinging him gets him to sleep pretty easily.

Hubbs would sling him like that. But when we're outside, Isaac would be looking around at everything, right? So, hubbs would place his hand in front of Isaac's eyes, so that he can't see stuff and be distracted. Holding his hand there, hubbs would walk around (or stand and 'rock' side to side) and pat Isaac's bum with his other hand... and slowly but surely, Isaac will fall asleep. Then hubbs would have both hands free to do whatever he wants - read newspaper, eat breakfast... hold my hand while we walk around the shopping centre :)

Oh! forgot to mention - this sling you see in the pictures is given to us by my Sueh Ee - Auntie Constance, who bought it from Japan. Thanks, Sueh Ee!!! :)

Reader, yes reading!

I've always been an avid reader since young, devouring book after book of Enid Blyton and The Three Investigator series... so much so that I would not do my homework ;p As a result, my mum had to conduct "spot-checks" on me to make sure I didn't sneak off to Coronation Plaza to rent more story books to read. All this when I was all of 10 years old. hehehe...Well, I hope Isaac's into reading. We're ready for him! We've a whole library of books waiting to be read. Most of the books are mine. Some are hubbs'. He has a shelve I allocated for his books - his comics!!! All his chinese man4 hua4! hiaz!!! I don't mind Isaac reading manga, but I hope he likes to read PROPER books. if you know what I mean :p

Here's Isaac reading his first book. Looks a real pro, ain't he. This is not a "posed" picture okay. Caught him reading like that and quickly whipped out my camera to snap shots ;p

Then he gets tired and lies down to continue reading. Hiaz... That's how his Mummy's eyesight got bad and had to wear specs. Hope he doesn't make that a habit! kekeke...
Flipping pages like a pro. Am now feeling bad that he only has one cloth book (thanks to Aunties Minjie, HueyHuey & Uncles Teck, Eric, Michael, Junxiong) Shall try to buy more cloth books for Isaac boy! :)
And here one Isaac notices Mummy snooping around with her trusty Lumix!!! hahaha...

pictures taken on 8th December 2007

Monday, 7 January 2008

The boy and his alien

Hehehe... sorries... couldn't resist more laughy pix of Isaac in the bumbo with E.T. by his side...

pictures taken on 7th December 2007 (isaac @ 4 mths)

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Isaac is 5mths old today!

Yeah! Isaac is 5 months old today!!!

BUT... I'd have to leave you with pictures of him a month ago - when he was 4 months old... (told you I was behind on blogging... ah well... will try to catch up soon, yeah...)

I took that picture, then thought:" Yikes! Isaac with ah pek black socks!" so I took off the socks before taking the rest of the pics... soooo much better without the backs socks! hahaha...

Incidentally, my niece Isabelle saw this picture and asked:" Why Isaac wear black socks?" and Rebecca continued:" Not matching one..." hiaz... kids these days... :p

all pictures above taken on 7th December 2007
Isaac @ 4 months & 1 day

Yeah! Isaac is 5 months old today!!! hhehhee... ooops... just saw the time - after midnight already... So... have to change the title liaoz... Isaac was 5 months old YESTERDAY!!! waaahahahaha...

BUT... I'd have to leave you with pictures of him a month ago - when he was 4 months old... (told you I was behind on blogging... ah well... will try to catch up soon, yeah...)

Isaac's First Encounter with E.T. !!!

This is Isaac's first encounter with permanent resident - E.T. - the uber retro extra-terrestrial. At first, Isaac just looked at E.T. ... then slowly, he warmed up to it...

Reached out for E.T.'s hand...

Took a sniff at it...

... and started to lick it!!! aauurrgghh...

Anyway, they quickly became best pals, confiding in each other secrets that they didn't wanna tell Mummy and Papa...

We do hope that E.T. would be a positive influence on Isaac though... think he would be lah... take a look at this video... kekeke...

all pictures & video take on 7th December 2007 (isaac @ 4 mths)


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