Saturday, 19 January 2008

Bumbo warning video

You've seen Isaac seated in the Bumbo seat in many a picture. It's really quite a cool concept - this molded pvc rubber thingy that can hold most babies' butt and legs. And it's quite useful too, keeps the baby still - I even cut Isaac's toenails while he sits in it. And his hair too, I cut while he sits in it.

Recently, however, the Bumbo seat was recalled by its manufacturers - so that they could put a warning label on its box, and add more disclaimers to its instruction booklet - something like that. Basically, some silly parents on the other side of the world have been placing the Bumbo seat - with their babies in them - on the kitchen counter top, dining table, etc.

Silly, isn't it. So, babies have been falling outta their Bumbos and onto the kitchen floor - cracking and fracturing their skulls. (Read more about it here)

Basically, think the Bumbo is fine. But you should never leave the child unattended, even for a short while. And you should always use the Bumbo on the floor (so that if the child falls - less distance to fall).

Anywayz, here's an warning video that we think should be included in the new instructions package for the recall.


  1. WomaN ! I cracked up watching your Warning Video ! HELLO! U actually did it at the expense of ur babyball ! Guess you didn't get to finish your lines after all..

  2. Aha! Good to see that there is the little Mr "Iyde". Still cute nonetheless. ;-)

  3. James, Mr "Hyde" you mean? kekeke... hahaha... Yeah, babies cry, that's what they do to communicate. hehehe...

    daph, hahaha yeah I was taking my time with my lines, and then I suddenly felt bad that Isaac was like crying until like that, I still don;t carry him, so I quickly sped through me lines at the end! hahaha...


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