Monday, 21 January 2008

Cousin Natalie & Isaac

Remember when we were talking about Cousin Natalie's arrival? My sister's 3rd girl, Natalie, was born in the afternoon of 3rd of November 2007. Weighing in at 2.9kg, she is heavier at birth than her two elder sisters were. Both Rebecca and Isabelle were approx 2.7kg each.

picture taken on 10th November 2007
Isaac @ 3 mths; Natalie @ 1 week

Natalie was born with quite a lot of hair, same as her sister Rebecca. She resembles Rebecca a lot. Even her temperament was quite similar. So much so that my mum says it is like looking after Rebecca all over again.
picture taken on 10th November 2007 - Natalie @ 1 week

Natalie and Isaac haven't exactly played together yet - they're too young to really know how to play with together. Recently, however, we did place them together, to take photos hehehe, but look what Isaac did - he kept trying to touch Natalie, and even pulled her shirt, using it as leverage for him to turn and face her! hahaha...
As you can see, Natalie's still a little oblivious to what Isaac is doing! hahaha... Look at her mop of hair - compared to Isaac's sparse strands! But he certainly has a 'boy's face' and she a more 'girly face', isn't it? :)
above 3 pictures taken on 9th January 2008
Natalie @ 2 mths; Isaac @ 5 mths

And at 2 mths, Natalie's quite a good size - looks just slightly smaller than Isaac at 5 mths! Both Natalie and Isaac are fully breastfed at the moment. See, that's the benefit of breast milk for you. Isaac didn't put on much weight in his 4th month coz he's been drinking lesser milk, only this past week has he started to drink more. Well, more on that in another post ;p


  1. She is indeed looking good for her "age". She is very alert as well. Makes me wonder what Rebecca is like when she was younger? Was she a good baby?

  2. yeah Becca and Natalie are what are considered as "Angel Babies" relatively easy to care for. Heard from my sis and mum that Isabelle was more difficult to care for. It'd be interesting to see if Natalie's character is like Becca's.


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