Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hydrotherapy on 16th Dec 2007

We brought Isaac for a swim at this hydrotherapy for babies place a coupla weeks back. He really enjoyed it! He was smiling most of the time and had a whale of a time kicking around in the water. This hydrotherapy thing became quite popular after it came out in the papers - click here for the article. It supposedly strengthens muscles and lungs and improves the sleeping patterns and bowel movements of the infant. The shop owner was also telling us that it stimulates the baby's brain and thus makes him smarter. Yeah, right. Ah well, we didn't really buy all that crap, we figured if that is all true, well and good. But if it isn't, it's alright, coz we're just taking it as Isaac's first swim.
Expensive first swim it is, though. It was $25 for a 20 minute swim (if your kid can last that long in the water - am told that some babies didn't take to the water very much, and came out after 10 minutes or so. That'd increase the effective cost per minute of the swim though!). They've a package you can sign for which is $100 for 5 swims (or "Buy 4 get 1 free"). There's also baby massage after the swim, if you want - chargeable of course - at $20 bucks a pop.
All in all, it wasn't a bad experience. The water is in the tub is lukewarm and changed after each baby. The float is also a special one for babies - comes in a few sizes. Looks kinda uncomfortable, but the babies all seem fine with it. We thought there'd be a long queue, but there wasn't, and it was quickly our turn. Check out the vid of Isaac playing in the water!

We had initially only wanted to bring Isaac to try it out for fun, just for one time. But in the end, we see him playing so happily in the water, that hubbs decided to get the package. Of course, reality sunk in once he handed the money over - some more we didn't know can just get the swim package alone and so we actually bought the swim+massage package at $180 for 5 times - i.e. Effective rate of $36 per session of swim+massage. But then, the package is transferable, so we can like bring our friends along and their baby can use our package. So, we figured, we'd already used up 1 session, so we're left with 4 more - just come twice, with another couple+baby each time, then use finish liaoz! kekeke... felt much better after that - defintely. definitely ;p

Ah well, the things we do for the kids; the money we spend on them. tsk tsk tsk. Think we should keep a running tab... and claim back from them next time! HAHAHA...


  1. Finally! It's what I've been waiting for... Isaac's vid! Sooooooooo cute! Love the cheeky way he stuck out his tongue.... *cuddle cuddle* And you can count on me watchin it over and over again for this one! ;D

    Do they sell that float? :D I have a bathtub at home! Then Jed can have hydrotherapy every day!

    Oh, to let you on to something. I really think Isaac the cutestest cutest among all the August mummies' babies. ;)

  2. That's really cute !!! Looks like fun too, makes me wanna go swimming.. when i can fit into my swim wear.. u wanna go swimming or not? I jio Peishi and Ingshan we go take a diP !

  3. Jo,

    haha I've been trying to take vids of Isaac blabbering... but haven't managed to catch a decent one like the one you got of Jed. hahaha... like to hear their voices, so cute hor...

    There was a time I saw the float being sold on a BP thread you know. Cin and I were kinda interested. Then read on the augmum thread that the BP was called off... not sure for what reasons. dunno if the BP is back on... but apparently they DO sell it at the shop, but more expensive. Think the BP had it at like $22, whereas the shop sells at $40+ ... if I recall correctly...

    The tub they use is pretty deep though, as in, meant for babies up to a year old to be able to 'stand' in the water without touching the base of the tub. So, the bathtub in your place, if its the normal depth kind, wouldn't be able to 'wok' for the hydrotherapy thing lah. but then, I figured we can always bring the float and use it at the public pool. certainly cheaper than $25 per 20 minutes man... wait a minute... you have a bathtub at home!? cool!!! hahahahhaa...

    hahahhahaha thank you thank you... hehehe... he's REEEAAALLLY SMILEY ain't he :) so charming hor! melt our hearts all the time with his smiles and chuckles and laughter. FIL says he's gonna break a lot of girls' hearts next time... er... I hope not actually... dun want him to be a playboy nor have lotsa girlfriends... :p

  4. daph,

    yeah yeah !!! been wanting to go swimming for the longest time! I seriously need to exercise to lose some weight! we can go Elgin's place to swim. be good coz we girls can go swimming whilst EW can take care of isaac while playing wii with elgin upstairs HAHAHAHA...


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