Saturday, 19 January 2008

Isaac's Christmas pressies!

Isaac presents... his Christmas pressies!!!

Hi everyone! This is my maiden post - presenting to you my Christmas presents! Mummy's been busy, so that's why we're late in posting this... But better late than never! Here's my first Christmas' hoard!

Popo got me my very first mobile phone. She got one for Natalie too, so we can both use it together! Need to read the instructions behind to see whether can change ring tone and put Mummy's picture as my wallpaper... hmmm...

Oh and I got a book from Kor Kor Justin, Auntie Wee Lee & Uncle Yee Fong! I love books!
Mummy tells me this is how she enjoys her books too. First, she takes a sniff at them... *sniiiifff* sighz... the smell of books is heavenly...
Then she slowly opens it up to read about the millions of worlds contained within... Ahhhh... Good method, Mummy!

Got this musical activity table from Aunties Minjie & Huey Huey and Uncles Teck, Jason & Michael! It's great! Seems a whole lot of fun! It's meant for little boys twice my age, but I think I can handle it. Love the bright colours!

My Moo Moo!!! hehehe Ee-ee Yew Hui, Ee-ee Yew Ling and Gugu Yew Yi gave Moo Moo my Ty beanie to me! I love him! It's got this great texture that's nice and towelly-smooth when I rub it against my face. Ee-ee Yew Hui says that when she saw Moo Moo - it reminded her of my Mummy!!! That's why she chose Moo Moo for me!

Let's see if Moo Moo tastes as nice as Mummy... hmmm...

Bleeaauughh... tastes a bit different leh. Moo Moo's an acquired taste. I now chew on him daily! Till Mummy takes him away from me to keep me from slobbering all over him... hummphh! return me my Moo Moo!!!

This mobile thingy is from our neighbours Kor Kors Ethan & Elliot and Auntie Angie & Uncle Joshua. It's cool! Now Papa can hang it in the car for me to look at when I sit in the carseat! Auntie Angie says Kor Kor Ethan specially chose it for me! Thanks Kor Kor Ethan!!!

Spider Spud!!! I got a Spider-Man Mr Potato Head from Aunties Weiqin, Cecilia, Suqing, Irene, Huijun and Baofen, and Uncles Eric, Alan, Yongjian and Bingquan. It's cute! but Mummy says I can't play with it yet coz the parts are too small.
WAIT A MINUTE!? Is this Spidey Spud for Mummy or for me!?!? I think it's for Mummy! She's the SpideyFan! hehehe... But nevermind... luckily I also like Spidey - must be Mummy's influence...
And Godma Pamela gave me this LeapFrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo! It's fun! I was playing with it the moment Mummy helped me open this present. I just spin the wheel, and it'd tell me what is the alphabet and what animal starts with it, and the sounds the animal makes as well. Fun!
And this Pooh Bear onesie is my present from Lauren, Auntie Christina & Uncle Leslie. Mummy! Where are the socks that Auntie Christina got me??? these are not the ones!?

Okay, that's all folks!

Thanks very much for all the presents! I love them all and would treasure them and keep them in good condition for my little bros and/or sisters next time.

Thanks again!!!

Isaac :)

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  1. What a lucky little boy! I wish I had half the luck he had. Can you share some of your toys with me?


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