Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Like Papa like Isaac

picture taken on 5th November 2007

hehehe... like father like son... like Papa like Isaac... happened to catch them both in the same sleeping position... hahaha...

No, Isaac doesn't sleep with us in our bed. He has his own mattress that's beside ours. Just that at that time in October/November, when Isaac hadn't learnt to flip yet, on weekends when we sleep in, I'd be nursing (another term for breastfeeding) Isaac lying down. Then I would place him between hubbs and me, and sleep in a little more.

On these occasions, I noticed their similar positions and quickly whipped out me trusty camera :) usually, I remain nearby to keep an eye on them... Afraid that hubbs would accidentally elbow Isaac! which he has done to ME a couple of times in his sleep! hahaha... Luckily my head quite hard! kekeke...
picture taken on 16th November 2007

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