Monday, 19 January 2009

Man-U supporter?! NOT!!!

Nope! Not Man-U supporters! hahahaha... Our nice neighbours thought we were Man-U supporters and bought us all jerseys - including Isaac! Guess coz her son and son-in-law are Man-U supporters, so that was the team they identified with. So here we are in our Man-U jerseys! If I see a nice Liverpool jersey in a pasar malam, would get one for Isaac! :) It's okay, I dun need... besides, I'm so fat I can wear hubb's tee and it fits me perfectly! sighz! Though I tell him, that's coz I have boobs and he doesn't... kekeke...

pix above taken on 1st October 2008
Isaac @ five days to 14 months

Here's hubbs reading chinese poems to Isaac. He really likes it when we read to him or play with him.

Isaac now knows how to pull our finger and lead us to where he wants us to sit with him, or read to him, or play with him. In the past, I'd let him play with his toys, so that I can do my own stuff. But now that he starts to pull us to be with him, I realise that it IS important that I do stuff WITH him and not just assume that he's happy playing on his own.

To be with him is as much a need as it is to eat, have clothes to wear, and a place to stay. So now, I make sure I sit with him to play his toys with him, supervise him doing his jigsaw puzzles, talk him through what he's seeing - even in the car, when he's sitting in the car seat, he'd take my finger and point it at the window - at first I wondered what he wanted, later, I realised that he wanted to me to point out stuff to him and give him a running commentary on what flashes past as we drive - just like I used to do when he was a few months old! I realised that I'd gotten kinda 'lazy' with such stuff.

So! One of my new year's resolution is to not be lazy, and spend more quality time with my Isaac! :) Afterall, to be in their memories tomorrow, we have to be with them today! (read that somewhere ;p)

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