Monday, 28 January 2008

Sightings of a Sarong MerBoy


Sightings of a Sarong MerBoy!

picture taken on 25th November 2007

A Sarong MerBoy has been spotted off the coast of Jurong West, Commonwealth, Upper Bukit Timah, and occasionally as far as Hougang. Surfacing most often at night in Jurong West, the Sarong MerBoy is said to be most active in the night, often flipping continuously up to 5 or 6 times in a row.
picture taken on 22nd October 2007

Usually a silent creature, the Sarong MerBoy sometimes does cry out suddenly and loudly for a short while before lapsing into silence again. It has been witnessed before that, continuous flipping that propels the Sarong MerBoy into an obstruction such as a wall, will also cause the Sarong MerBoy to cry out in pain and frustration.
above picture taken on 25th November 2007

Legend has it that the Sarong MerBoy was once the young of the homo-sapien species that had trouble getting to sleep. Thus he transformed into the Sarong MerBoy so that he is able to get some proper rest. In the beginning, the Sarong MerBoy did not have any upper body appendages, commonly known as "arms". However, as the night progresses the Sarong MerBoy will grow the appendages . Nowadays , these appendages are permanent.
picture taken on 2nd December 2007

The Sarong MerBoy is also able to change colour, almost at will. The local Sarong MerBoy spotted is said to be of the Nonya Chinese variety, bearing patterns and colours that hail from the local Straits Settlement community.
picture taken on 10th December 2007

Pictures of the Sarong MerBoy are hard to come by as it usually only surfaces at night. Nevertheless, we, here at PST Productions, will do our best and go all out to get these exclusive pictures for you, our loyal readers! Enjoy!

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  1. Dear 英煒&有玫


  2. And the Oscar for Best Alternative Usage of a Sarong goes to ...

  3. the one and only SARONG MERBOY!!!

    YAY!!!!!! hahahhaa...

    Hey James, the sarongs look familiar??? kekeke... all but one of them belongs to Popo!!! :) I always feel very happy seeing Isaac wrapped in Popo's sarongs... brings on a warm feeling... :)


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