Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sleep, Isaac, sleep!

This is the latest method we found that can make Isaac sleep when we're outside.

We realised that weekends really mess up Isaac's sleep schedule, and he can get very cranky when he doesn't sleep enough in the day. On weekdays that is fine, coz my MIL takes care of Isaac while we're at work, and she has the yao2 lan2 (my family calls it "the sarong") so she can lull Isaac to sleep easily by placing him in the swinging thingy.

On weekends, the problem is, we're always going out. We're like, meeting friends for brunch/lunch/dinner, going to friends'/relatives' homes for gathering etc etc So, Isaac gets distracted by the different environment and he is curious to the point that he wants to look at everything and everyone - and doesn't want to sleep. Or, finds it difficult to sleep.

We used to have a pretty tough time. Isaac'd cry and cry when he gets tired and frustrated but is unable to sleep. Hubbs'd have to carry him and rock him to make him sleep - trouble is, Isaac would CRY very very loudly and chee-cham-ly that everyone who's around us would be very worried and concerned as they're not aware that that's Isaac pre-sleep ritual.

Well, we think it's his pre-sleep ritual lah. Coz he's been like this since he was 2 weeks old. Even at home. Always crying before he sleeps, no matter what we do. Hahaha yes - can't find the solution to a perennial problem => proclaim it as "normal".

But I must say it IS getting better. At home, he doesn't cry as much already - oh yes, he's beginning to "recognise house" already. More on that in another post. And outside, we discovered that this method of slinging him gets him to sleep pretty easily.

Hubbs would sling him like that. But when we're outside, Isaac would be looking around at everything, right? So, hubbs would place his hand in front of Isaac's eyes, so that he can't see stuff and be distracted. Holding his hand there, hubbs would walk around (or stand and 'rock' side to side) and pat Isaac's bum with his other hand... and slowly but surely, Isaac will fall asleep. Then hubbs would have both hands free to do whatever he wants - read newspaper, eat breakfast... hold my hand while we walk around the shopping centre :)

Oh! forgot to mention - this sling you see in the pictures is given to us by my Sueh Ee - Auntie Constance, who bought it from Japan. Thanks, Sueh Ee!!! :)

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  1. I love to watch babies sleep. My heart will just melt onto the floor! Isaac's so sweet here..... *kiss kiss*


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