Saturday, 23 February 2008

100th Post: My favourite video!

video taken on 4th February 2008
Isaac @ 2 days to 6 months

This is the 100th post of the Tan Family Chronicles blog.

In celebration of this momentus event, I have decided to post my favourite video of Isaac! Hehehe... it actually shows him crying... but... can you hear what he's saying? :)

He's saying... "I want Mama!!!"

hehehe ain't that amazing! when this video was taken, he wasn't even 6 months old yet. We found that he would cry and say that whenever someone else was crying him but he wanted me to carry - the moment I carried him, he'd stop crying! kekeke...

I love this video!!!


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Before Isaac

Hubbs and I have always loved kids. We got to know one another in the first place coz we were both volunteering at children's camps. We both enjoyed talking and playing with kids.

Before Isaac, these were the four main kids in our lives :)

Rebecca and Isabelle - my sister's two girls, you've met.
Jarrod and Zachary - my cousin Joel's two boys, you haven't met yet.

picture taken on 15th April 2007
Jarrod @ 3.5 yrs; Rebecca @ 3.5 yrs; Isabelle @ 2 yrs; Zachary @ 1+ yrs

Here they are above, Jarrod, Rebecca, Isabelle and Zachary. All tired and sianz looking - coz they're all shacked out from playing all day together! So, while they were stoning in front of the tv, watching Hi-Five - I took a picture of them. I always laugh whenever I see this photo, coz, if you know the kids, you hardly see them in this state at all! They're usually very cheeky, energetic and full of life.

They are the first 4 grandkids on my father's side of the family. And thus, very much doted upon by all the cousins (my generation). Almost everyone loves kids. At least, our family does. Perhaps that's the result of being born into a big family. We have more than 20 cousins each, on both sides of my parents' families. Hubbs' too has many cousins.

picture taken on 19th May 2007
Jarrod @ 3.5 yrs; Rebecca @ 3.5 yrs; Isabelle @ 2 yrs; Zachary @ 1+ yrs

Just as we used to play together with our cousins when we were young, we try to let the four grand-cousins (for want of a better moniker) play together too.

However, last June, our cousin Joel, his wife Andrea, and their two boys Jarrod and Zachary left for Perth. Migrated there. So sad. We're sad that we won't be able to see the boys as often as we used to. Sad that the kids won't get to play with their cousins as often as we used to when we were kids. Sad that we won't get to see the boys grow up "in the flesh". Sad that the boys won't get to see Isaac...

Of course, we can visit them in Perth, and they come home to Singapore once in awhile... but it's different... Anywayz, that's kinda the point of this blog as well. So that Joel, Andrea and the boys, can get to see Isaac grow. Andrea too, is keeping a private blog, to update us on the going ons on their side.

And guess what??? hehehehe... I've officially asked, and gotten permission to grab pictures of the boys off Andrea's blog, and post them here!!! kekeke... can show off my handsome nephews ;p


Well... thank God for the internet, digital cameras, emails and blogs! :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Isaac & Isabelle cheh cheh

Here're cheh chehs Isabelle and Rebecca playing with Isaac again. Usually when we bring Isaac to my mum's place, the girls would play with Isaac. Unless they're preoccupied with some activity they're doing.
Becca's not as taken with Isaac as much as Isabelle is. She'd just play with him a little while, and wonder off. She's like that with Natalie too. On the other hand, Isabelle would like to come near Isaac and look at him, and touch him, and ask many questions about him.
Often, she'd come very near, and inevitably Isaac would pull her hair, or kick her, or something, accidentally. And she'd be very indignant...

Isabelle:" Ee-ee, Isaac pull my hair!!!"
Me:" Er... he likes to pull hair, see, he also pull mine."

Isabelle:" Ee-ee, Isaac kick me!!?!!?!!"
Me:" Er... he did that accidentally, not purposely one. You see, he likes to kick kick kick, air he also kick. You don't stand so near his feet then he won't kick you."

Isabelle:" Ee-ee, Isaac scratch me!!!"
Me:" Ah!!! That one Ee-ee's fault. Ee-ee haven't cut Isaac's fingernails yet. See my face, he scratch me too!"
Isabelle:" Ee-ee, why your face got blood?"
Me:" Er... Isaac scratch me lor..."
Isabelle:" Why Isaac scratch you?"
Isabelle really seems to love Isaac and Natalie. But then, Isabelle has a strong jealous streak. She'd be very J (our codeword, when talking about jealousy in front of Isabelle and Becca), when she sees my sister (her mum), my mum (her grandmother), or her maid carrying either Isaac or Natalie. She would beat the baby, or scratch, or pretend to sayang - then twist the finger.

The other day, my mum was sitting on the living room floor carrying Isaac - Isabelle took an empty cardboard box and threw it on Isaac's head. She's the same with Natalie. My sis told me that the other day she was carrying Natalie, Isabelle just rushed over, slapped Natalie on the head and ran away. Problem is, Isabelle is soooo fast that it happens before we can even stop her sometimes! So we always have to be extra careful whenever Isabelle's around.
all pictures above taken on 2nd December 2007
Rebecca @ 4 yrs; Isabelle @ 2.5 yrs; Isaac @ 4 months

It could be the age thing. As in, Isabelle is at the age where she gets jealous easily. But then again, Becca was never this jealous when she was this age and Isabelle was a baby. Guess it could be personality as well.

However, I am not too worried. I have seen Isabelle play with Isaac and Natalie often enough to know that she really loves them even though she can be jealous of them sometimes. That's natural. I'm sure she'd learn soon enough that we all love her very much even though we love Isaac and Natalie too. That there's nothing to be 'jealous' about.

Just look at Isabelle posing for a picture with Isaac below. Ain't she sweet! :)
picture above taken on 20th December 2007
Isabelle @ 2.5 yrs; Isaac @ 4.5 months

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hubbs & I as of 21st Sept 2004!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! *muakz*muakz* !!!

To celebrate v-day, I'm going to post pictures of myself and hubbs - from a lonnnng time ago... 21st September 2004 - to be exact. At that time, we just bought our first digital camera, so we were pretty excited and started snapping pictures one night, when my parents were overseas.

Hmmm... come to think about it...

At that time, we didn't have Isaac.
At that time, we were not even married.
At that time, I was nice and slim *sob*sob* at least much slimmer than I am now...


okay, let's relive the good days! :)

warning: pictures ahead may make your hair stand on end! kekeke...

all pictures above taken on 21st September 2004

Well, we've certainly come a long way since 2004. Even though I'm now one fat lady, Isaac is really a bundle of joy whom everyone who has met him loves. Plus I'm supposed to get rid of this fat at some point in time. Perhaps after we have all the children we want. but think I should probably get started on ridding some of it now, before it becomes a permanent fixture. I want to reinstate to original condition!!!! urrrghhhh!!! ;p

Valentines Day today was spent, for the first time, with a bunch of our close friends. It was our annual Spyderz CNY gathering, kindly hosted by Huijun (our most lawful kan cheong spyder). It was great! We all enjoyed oursleves... and guess who was the center of attraction??? Isaac!!! :)

Life has certainly changed since Isaac came into our lives. I'm very happy to be able to say that it has definitely changed for the better. The house is messier, we don't have as much time for ourselves as we did before, and we're getting less sleep than we should BUT we're proud parents of little Isaac :) and we're happy to have each other to help wipe Isaac's butt when he shits.

Happy V Day, hubbs. Thanks for half of Isaac :) *muakz*

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Isaac @ 6 mths with E.T.

Isaac turned 6 months on Chinese New Year's Eve - 6th February 2008! Here are his pictures with E.T. again! :) Happy 6 months Isaac!!!

pictures above taken on 7th February 2007
Isaac @ 6 mths and 1 day

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy CNY everyone!!! :) Look at Isaac in his CNY Day 1 wear! Had bought him the chinese garb for him to wear - knew my parents in law would luuurrrve to see him in them, as would hubbs ;p He does look very good in them though, don't you think? :) Fits just right too! I love the dragon on the front of his shirt

Look what Isaac found this morning in his bed?! Two ang pows from his Mummy & Papa! We had tucked it in with him the night before, and whispered well-wishes to him whilst he slept 'over' the new year. Hubbs says it's "ya1 shui4 qian2" - whatever that means! ;p And look at Isaac in his new pyjamas! Am most pleased with them! I'd bought them from a pasar malam store for 3 for $10 per piece - so I bought 3 suits (top and bottom matches!) for $20 in all - thought it was a great bargain coz the material is fantastic! Nice thick cotton! Feels like very good material, even better than some other branded shirt material that Isaac has!

When I bought them, I thought they were too big for him - but look! they're just nice! Only the pants a bit long, but that's alright too! coz then he no need to wear socks! kekeke...

OH!!! and the best part about the pjs is... it has got "I love Mom" written on them!!! hehehe... even the brand is "I love Mom" ("love" in a heart shape) kekeke... I promised hubbs that if I ever see "I love Papa" clothes, I'd get them for Isaac too... (but I never see before kekekeke... have you???)

all pictures above taken on 7th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Celebrating Gong Gong's birthday

picture taken on 29th December 2007
Isaac @ almost 5 mths, Isabelle @2.5 yrs, Rebecca @ 4 yrs, Natalie @ almost 2 mths

Think this is the first picture we've taken with all of my family in the picture. We were celebrating my Dad's birthday, which falls on 31st December.

So this is our first Tan Family portrait - my side, that is. hahaha... yes, my surname is Tan and so is hubbs'. So, I'm a Ms Tan, Mdm Tan, and Mrs Tan. (Confinement lady kept calling me Chen tai tai - I kept ignoring her coz I thought she was calling my mum... hahaha...)

This CNY, shall aim to have a family picture taken for hubbs' side... :) stay tuned...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Isaac @ 5 mths with E.T.

Ah! I realise that we never said why we started to take pictures of Isaac with E.T.! Well it's coz I decided that it'd be cute to take a picture of him beside an item (soft toy or something), every month, so that we can see how much he grew.

So we thought, why not the E.T.?! So we started doing that when he was 4 mths old (remember this?). And here are his pictures taken in early January 2008 - figured I'd better post them before we take the subsequent month's ones... which is like in a few days time...
two pictures above dated 7th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 mths & 1 day

And here's Isaac with E.T. flat on the mattress...! can see that Isaac's longer than E.T. already! :)

three pictures below dated 6th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 mths

Isaac & his cheh chehs

Here's Isaac and his cheh cheh cousins Isabelle (left) and Rebecca (right). The photos below were all taken on 25th November 2007 with Isaac @ 3 and a half months old, Isabelle @ 2 and a half years old, and Rebecca @ 4 years.

Isaac sharing secrets with Isabelle (above) and Becca (below)! :)
As I've grown up playing with my own cousins and were and continue to be very close to them, I hope that Isaac would be very close with his cousins and my cousins' kids too. We shall work hard to make that happen!
all pictures taken on 25th November 2007
Isabelle @ 2.5 yrs; Isaac @ 3.5 mths; Rebecca @ 4 yrs


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