Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Before Isaac

Hubbs and I have always loved kids. We got to know one another in the first place coz we were both volunteering at children's camps. We both enjoyed talking and playing with kids.

Before Isaac, these were the four main kids in our lives :)

Rebecca and Isabelle - my sister's two girls, you've met.
Jarrod and Zachary - my cousin Joel's two boys, you haven't met yet.

picture taken on 15th April 2007
Jarrod @ 3.5 yrs; Rebecca @ 3.5 yrs; Isabelle @ 2 yrs; Zachary @ 1+ yrs

Here they are above, Jarrod, Rebecca, Isabelle and Zachary. All tired and sianz looking - coz they're all shacked out from playing all day together! So, while they were stoning in front of the tv, watching Hi-Five - I took a picture of them. I always laugh whenever I see this photo, coz, if you know the kids, you hardly see them in this state at all! They're usually very cheeky, energetic and full of life.

They are the first 4 grandkids on my father's side of the family. And thus, very much doted upon by all the cousins (my generation). Almost everyone loves kids. At least, our family does. Perhaps that's the result of being born into a big family. We have more than 20 cousins each, on both sides of my parents' families. Hubbs' too has many cousins.

picture taken on 19th May 2007
Jarrod @ 3.5 yrs; Rebecca @ 3.5 yrs; Isabelle @ 2 yrs; Zachary @ 1+ yrs

Just as we used to play together with our cousins when we were young, we try to let the four grand-cousins (for want of a better moniker) play together too.

However, last June, our cousin Joel, his wife Andrea, and their two boys Jarrod and Zachary left for Perth. Migrated there. So sad. We're sad that we won't be able to see the boys as often as we used to. Sad that the kids won't get to play with their cousins as often as we used to when we were kids. Sad that we won't get to see the boys grow up "in the flesh". Sad that the boys won't get to see Isaac...

Of course, we can visit them in Perth, and they come home to Singapore once in awhile... but it's different... Anywayz, that's kinda the point of this blog as well. So that Joel, Andrea and the boys, can get to see Isaac grow. Andrea too, is keeping a private blog, to update us on the going ons on their side.

And guess what??? hehehehe... I've officially asked, and gotten permission to grab pictures of the boys off Andrea's blog, and post them here!!! kekeke... can show off my handsome nephews ;p


Well... thank God for the internet, digital cameras, emails and blogs! :)


  1. I can't remember when the second pic was taken... :( getting old :P

    *sigh* so sad indeed :~( Miss everyone back home!

  2. 2nd picture was taken on the day we celebrated Isabelle's 2nd birthday... they're all staring at the birthday cake... hahahha...

    hiaz! we'd try to come in june/december this year! :)


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