Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Celebrating Gong Gong's birthday

picture taken on 29th December 2007
Isaac @ almost 5 mths, Isabelle @2.5 yrs, Rebecca @ 4 yrs, Natalie @ almost 2 mths

Think this is the first picture we've taken with all of my family in the picture. We were celebrating my Dad's birthday, which falls on 31st December.

So this is our first Tan Family portrait - my side, that is. hahaha... yes, my surname is Tan and so is hubbs'. So, I'm a Ms Tan, Mdm Tan, and Mrs Tan. (Confinement lady kept calling me Chen tai tai - I kept ignoring her coz I thought she was calling my mum... hahaha...)

This CNY, shall aim to have a family picture taken for hubbs' side... :) stay tuned...

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