Saturday, 9 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Happy CNY everyone!!! :) Look at Isaac in his CNY Day 1 wear! Had bought him the chinese garb for him to wear - knew my parents in law would luuurrrve to see him in them, as would hubbs ;p He does look very good in them though, don't you think? :) Fits just right too! I love the dragon on the front of his shirt

Look what Isaac found this morning in his bed?! Two ang pows from his Mummy & Papa! We had tucked it in with him the night before, and whispered well-wishes to him whilst he slept 'over' the new year. Hubbs says it's "ya1 shui4 qian2" - whatever that means! ;p And look at Isaac in his new pyjamas! Am most pleased with them! I'd bought them from a pasar malam store for 3 for $10 per piece - so I bought 3 suits (top and bottom matches!) for $20 in all - thought it was a great bargain coz the material is fantastic! Nice thick cotton! Feels like very good material, even better than some other branded shirt material that Isaac has!

When I bought them, I thought they were too big for him - but look! they're just nice! Only the pants a bit long, but that's alright too! coz then he no need to wear socks! kekeke...

OH!!! and the best part about the pjs is... it has got "I love Mom" written on them!!! hehehe... even the brand is "I love Mom" ("love" in a heart shape) kekeke... I promised hubbs that if I ever see "I love Papa" clothes, I'd get them for Isaac too... (but I never see before kekekeke... have you???)

all pictures above taken on 7th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months

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