Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hubbs & I as of 21st Sept 2004!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! *muakz*muakz* !!!

To celebrate v-day, I'm going to post pictures of myself and hubbs - from a lonnnng time ago... 21st September 2004 - to be exact. At that time, we just bought our first digital camera, so we were pretty excited and started snapping pictures one night, when my parents were overseas.

Hmmm... come to think about it...

At that time, we didn't have Isaac.
At that time, we were not even married.
At that time, I was nice and slim *sob*sob* at least much slimmer than I am now...


okay, let's relive the good days! :)

warning: pictures ahead may make your hair stand on end! kekeke...

all pictures above taken on 21st September 2004

Well, we've certainly come a long way since 2004. Even though I'm now one fat lady, Isaac is really a bundle of joy whom everyone who has met him loves. Plus I'm supposed to get rid of this fat at some point in time. Perhaps after we have all the children we want. but think I should probably get started on ridding some of it now, before it becomes a permanent fixture. I want to reinstate to original condition!!!! urrrghhhh!!! ;p

Valentines Day today was spent, for the first time, with a bunch of our close friends. It was our annual Spyderz CNY gathering, kindly hosted by Huijun (our most lawful kan cheong spyder). It was great! We all enjoyed oursleves... and guess who was the center of attraction??? Isaac!!! :)

Life has certainly changed since Isaac came into our lives. I'm very happy to be able to say that it has definitely changed for the better. The house is messier, we don't have as much time for ourselves as we did before, and we're getting less sleep than we should BUT we're proud parents of little Isaac :) and we're happy to have each other to help wipe Isaac's butt when he shits.

Happy V Day, hubbs. Thanks for half of Isaac :) *muakz*


  1. hahahaha! Pam, your pictures cheered me right up this dreary morning! I was half clutching my stomach in laughter as I scrolled down with bated breath. hahahaha! So cute and sweet la, both of you. And your hubb's signature open mouth grin. :D And guess what? My parents have a photo just like yours (back to back with legs up) when they were young. Talk about being retro. ;D

  2. hahahhahaa glad you enjoyed them! :) hehehe happened to come across these pix the other day while clicking through my pix in the computer... thought they looked pretty good. HAHAHA... :)

    hey! love your new shop! added the link to my blog :) hope you have good business! kekeke...

    also, dunno where your post on the chatbox about Isaac growing a lot went... yeah! now he is taller than E.T. already! hahaha... your post on Jed going back to his ex was hilarious! hahahaha...

  3. hey Pam!! it's really sweet to look back on those wonderful memories, time really flies, :) But u are still pretty dun worry !!
    Proud of you and all mothers young and old !

  4. wah yr hair was really LONG at tat time!...hehe...


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