Saturday, 16 February 2008

Isaac & Isabelle cheh cheh

Here're cheh chehs Isabelle and Rebecca playing with Isaac again. Usually when we bring Isaac to my mum's place, the girls would play with Isaac. Unless they're preoccupied with some activity they're doing.
Becca's not as taken with Isaac as much as Isabelle is. She'd just play with him a little while, and wonder off. She's like that with Natalie too. On the other hand, Isabelle would like to come near Isaac and look at him, and touch him, and ask many questions about him.
Often, she'd come very near, and inevitably Isaac would pull her hair, or kick her, or something, accidentally. And she'd be very indignant...

Isabelle:" Ee-ee, Isaac pull my hair!!!"
Me:" Er... he likes to pull hair, see, he also pull mine."

Isabelle:" Ee-ee, Isaac kick me!!?!!?!!"
Me:" Er... he did that accidentally, not purposely one. You see, he likes to kick kick kick, air he also kick. You don't stand so near his feet then he won't kick you."

Isabelle:" Ee-ee, Isaac scratch me!!!"
Me:" Ah!!! That one Ee-ee's fault. Ee-ee haven't cut Isaac's fingernails yet. See my face, he scratch me too!"
Isabelle:" Ee-ee, why your face got blood?"
Me:" Er... Isaac scratch me lor..."
Isabelle:" Why Isaac scratch you?"
Isabelle really seems to love Isaac and Natalie. But then, Isabelle has a strong jealous streak. She'd be very J (our codeword, when talking about jealousy in front of Isabelle and Becca), when she sees my sister (her mum), my mum (her grandmother), or her maid carrying either Isaac or Natalie. She would beat the baby, or scratch, or pretend to sayang - then twist the finger.

The other day, my mum was sitting on the living room floor carrying Isaac - Isabelle took an empty cardboard box and threw it on Isaac's head. She's the same with Natalie. My sis told me that the other day she was carrying Natalie, Isabelle just rushed over, slapped Natalie on the head and ran away. Problem is, Isabelle is soooo fast that it happens before we can even stop her sometimes! So we always have to be extra careful whenever Isabelle's around.
all pictures above taken on 2nd December 2007
Rebecca @ 4 yrs; Isabelle @ 2.5 yrs; Isaac @ 4 months

It could be the age thing. As in, Isabelle is at the age where she gets jealous easily. But then again, Becca was never this jealous when she was this age and Isabelle was a baby. Guess it could be personality as well.

However, I am not too worried. I have seen Isabelle play with Isaac and Natalie often enough to know that she really loves them even though she can be jealous of them sometimes. That's natural. I'm sure she'd learn soon enough that we all love her very much even though we love Isaac and Natalie too. That there's nothing to be 'jealous' about.

Just look at Isabelle posing for a picture with Isaac below. Ain't she sweet! :)
picture above taken on 20th December 2007
Isabelle @ 2.5 yrs; Isaac @ 4.5 months

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