Saturday, 29 March 2008

Lunging crawl method

This is what I call Isaac's lunging crawl method.

He would crawl by doing a series of lunges. He kinda completely skipped the leopard crawl stage. He was only lunging for a week or so, and then he progressed into the crawl on all fours stage.And here's the proud Papa giving Isaac his Well Done Kiss! :) Isaac looks apprehensive coz he is anticipating his Papa's bristles being thrust onto his face...Then he realises:"Eh? no bristles?! yay!!!" kekeke...
all pictures and video taken on 2nd March 2008
Isaac @ four days to 7 months

Friday, 28 March 2008

Standee part 2!

Look at my handsome boy (whom everyone agrees that he looks like me - now that I produce the EVIDENCE kekeke...) hahaha... He looks kinda tan in this photo, dunno why. Anyway, he's Mr Tan (hahahaha corny corny hahaha) - that's how they pronounce it in ang mo countries anywayz.
Here's Isaac preparing to sit and stand up :) And below are the videos of Isaac in action!

And here's the proud mummy giving Isaac a kiss! :) kekeke...

all pictures and videos above taken on 1st March 2008
Isaac @ five days to 7 months

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Look like, or not?

Guess who is this??? It's me!!! Yes! Mummy of Isaac! Me, when I was a baby! kekeke... So how? Look like Isaac or not? Or rather, Isaac looks like me, or not? kekeke... When Isaac was born, he was very skinny at that time, so everyone commented that he looked exactly like hubbs. Which even my family and I totally agreed with.
Then Isaac started to put on weight, and he started becoming fairer and fairer. And soon, he grew into an exact replica of myself when I was a baby! Every time my mother carried him, she would say that it's like carrying me when I was a baby. The funny thing was, even other people like my in laws and family on hubbs side, and other friends and outsiders - people who have never seen me when I was a baby , all commented that Isaac looks like me now! above taken circa 1979/1980
pamela @ a few months; petrina @ a few months plus 3 years

People who like to needle hubbs for the fun of it all tell him that it's a blessing that Isaac looks like me. But hubbs' is a good sport about it and usually replies that it is good that Isaac looks like me. As you can tell, I'm very pleased too! HAHAHA... only... erm... I hope my daughter/s next time... don't look like hubbs... Sons - can! Daughters - nooooooooo!!! ;p

And here's our lil' guy again :) I find that he looks particularly like me when he smiles and grins like that - then his face goes squarish like. Just like me in the first pic on the top of this post! hehehe...
above two pictures taken on 24th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 and a half months

So what do you think??? Look like, or not??? :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Spidey Boy's debut!

As you can see, SpideyBoy ain't too happy about putting on his Spidey mask. But hey! That's SpideyBoy's debut! kekeke... Son of SpideyParents must be SpideyBoy! :)
I confess - I am the one with the Spidey craze, not hubbs. Hmmm... think I've liked Spiderman since I was young. Dunno why Spiderman in particular (I like other characters too, childhoood cartoon characters like Popeye and Woody Woodpecker and Smurfs) but Spidey's always been me first love (sorry hubbs). And puhlease, it's Spiderman and not Tobey Maguire that I like, ok? Please get that straight ;p

Hubbs doesn't mind my Spideyness. He's smart. I mean, he got off lucky, right? Better than me liking Hello Kitty or Disney Princesses and insisting that he wears a Dear Daniel or a Disney Prince tshirt. and not to mention decking everything in pink (eeeuuuwwww!!!). So, he's a lucky man. And he knows it! HAHAHHA...
all pictures above taken on 17th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months plus

Here's Isaac with his Godma Pamela (yes! same name! :p) and her hubby Uncle Kok Pin! We'd patiently wait for Kok Pin to get baptised and become Catholic so he can be Isaac's Godpa too! kekeke... Isaac's Godpa-to-be was one of hubbs' secondary school best mates, so they've known each other for ages.

And recently... we've got some excellent news! Isaac's gonna get a God-sibling later this year!!! Hoorah!!! :) Congrats Pam & Kok Pin!!! yay!!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

CNY visiting 2008

CNY visiting with a baby in tow is no joke. We were tired out from all the rushing here and there, visiting up to 5 places in a day sometimes. But most critically, we had to ensure that Isaac had enough sleep! So that he'd be CUTE ! hahahahhaa...That turned out to be quite a challenge coz we were constantly on the move. So Isaac would like nap during the time when we were in the car travelling to our next destination, but would wake when he enters the next house - awakened by the noise and the change in environment.

Thus Isaac didn't manage to sleep as much as we wanted him to. But thankfully, he slept enough to not be too cranky and still quite cute. I suppose being in new surroundings helped - coz he is always very curious and wanting to look at everything wherever he goes.
all pictures above taken on 16th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months plus

Thus, Isaac turned out to be quite a hit this CNY - though, being sleep deprived, he wasn't as willing to let others carry him. He want his mummy, yours truly, to carry him all the time. hahaha... Ah well, it's tiring, but I don't mind! :)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Isaac wants to stand!

These pictures are dated 9th February 2008 - the first few days of the chinese new year. Even at that time, Isaac always wanted to stand. Not that he could do it on his own, no, no, he couldn't balance himself standing. But when one carried him and tried to make him sit - he would STRAIGHTEN his legs, and REFUSE to sit! He wanted to stand! So you had to like bend his knees to force him to sit, if you wanted to make him sit.
At this time too, I started to let him hold on to my fingers, and pull himself from a lying down position, into a sitting position, and finally into a standing position. He's pretty good at it, and he enjoys doing it.
Think he still has a bit of head lag at this time when the video below was taken, but as of today today, he's very strong and there's no head lag already. See vid below! :) more vids coming up!

all pictures and video taken on 9th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Isaac & Cousin Chloe

Isaac & Cousins: Chloe

This is Isaac and his cousin Chloe. Chloe's mummy and Isaac's mummy are cousins (our mother's are sisters). So what do you call them? Second cousins, issit? (could never get the terminology clear... kekeke...)

Chloe's a month older than Isaac. When Isaac was just born and still at the hospital, my cousin Valerie had just completed her confinement - so she brought Chloe and came to visit us! That was the first time I saw Chloe coz my aunties sorta 'disallowed' me to go and see Chloe and Valerie when Chloe was just born. sighz! silly superstitions!
Chloe's a very friendly girl. We could all carry her and she wouldn't cry. And here she is, being a good cheh cheh (big sister) to Isaac - patting his head, sayang sayang Isaac. She would also reach over and touch his arm, his clothes... which was all fine with Isaac till...She put her fingers into his mouth! hahahaha... Well, as you can see, Isaac certainly took offence at that! hahaha... he was bawling out loud when he found he had intruders in his mouth! Smart boy! Never eat anything that is still alive or makes a sound, I always tell him!
Chloe has these very nice natural curls in her hair. We're not sure where she gets them from coz her mummy and her daddy both has natural straight hair. And they're mighty tired of answering the question of where Chloe got her curls from. They searched their family tree for curls and managed to track down some in Chloe's maternal grandfather's side of the family. That's probably it. Coz Chloe's definitely's her mummy's daughter - coz she looks just like her mummy when she was young! I know - coz I grew up with Chloe's mummy! :)
The thing with babies of the same age - we're sure to place them side by side and take pictures of them. And stand by to watch what they do next! We found that most babies, would start to climb over each other! I think that's their own way of interacting, of playing with one another.
Here're the two cousins getting acquainted. Chloe's a month older, thus she has learnt how to crawl already, at this point of time. Then, Isaac had only mastered flipping over to his front, but he hadn't learnt to crawl nor 'climb' by pulling himself up .
Chloe and Isaac has two more cousins that are born in the same year as them. My sister's third girl, Natalie; and our cousin Kok Leong's fourth girl. Born in July, August, November and October, respectively. Thus they shall be known as "The four piglets!" in the many years to come!hahaha... There she goes again! Invasion of Isaac's mouth! and Isaac's alarm bells start riiiiiinnngggiiinnngggg!!!!
all pictures above taken on 7th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months; Chloe @ 7 months

Thursday, 20 March 2008

2008 Chinese New Year pix

Now, I know you must be thinking:"CNY was ages ago!!!" sighz. certainly feels that way huh - though it was less than 2 months ago. But no matter! We're on the brink of another long weekend! Good Friday, Sad Saturday and Easter Sunday!!! (Saturday has got to be Sad - coz Jesus haven't resurrect yet! kekeke...)
Hehehe couldn't resist uploading yet another cute Isaac photo and place it as the first pic.
Tan (Kok Hoe) & Family portrait (above and below)

Tan (Kee Ho) & Family portrait (below)
(below) My parents-in-law with their very first grandson/child!

You must be wondering - what about our own family portrait this chinese new year? Sighz! That's our best try below, during our hectic CNY weekend! ;p

Tan (Eng Wee, Matthew) & Family portrait!
all pictures above taken on 7th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months & a day

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Sheepish chee ko pek look

picture taken on 4th February 2008
Isaac @ 2 days to 6 months

Hehehhee... we thought this was quite a cute picture of Isaac. He has the just-wake-up-look (see his eyes, one big one small), plus that sheepish smile... gives him a cheeky chee ko pek look! hahaha...

At the time of this picture in early February, Isaac could sit up like that if propped against something. But he wasn't very steady as yet - would still topple over.

But how time flies and babies grow! As of today, Isaac can sit without problem, from sitting, get into a crawling position, crawl on fours (very quickly at that! - oh, and he skipped the leopard crawl stage), from sitting to standing, from being on all fours to a standing position, and he knows how to pull himself to a standing position by 'climbing' on things...

In other words - I have many videos to post ;p

So as you can see, am trying to accelerate and catch up on posting as fast as I can! :) Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Classic wooden chair

I actually bought this classic wooden chair 4 years ago, when Rebecca was just born. But Becca hardly sat in it coz she started to climb out of the chair when she sat in it, so it was too dangerous to let her sit in it. So we brought it back home.

Dunno why Isabelle never sat in it though... hmmm... think maybe coz the chair was in my house hahaha...

Anywayz, we have since brought the chair to my parents-in-law's place. Isaac likes the chair and he can be happy in it for awhile. So it's a good place to put him in sometimes. And think my MIL puts him in the chair when she feeds him his porridge. Good chair!

all pictures above taken on 3rd February 2008
Isaac @ 3 days to 6 months

Monday, 17 March 2008

Isaac as of 3rd Feb 2008

all pictures above taken as of 3rd February 2008
Isaac @ 3 days to 6 months

"Hand Exercising" video

There was one night, when we were at the petrol station - hubbs had gone out of the car to pay for the petrol etc. but I stayed in the car with Isaac. I had decided not to take him out and go to the minimart coz he was fine with sitting in the car seat.

Then I noticed that he was looking at his hand, then waved his fingers a little, then put his fingers into his mouth for a few seconds, then he took them out, looked at them, waved fingers a little then popped back into his mouth again and he repeated this sequence like at least 5 times!

So I quickly whipped out me trusty Lumix and caught it on video below :)

It's quite amusing - I mean, like, what is he doing!?!? hahaha... I didn't know what to call it, so I called it the "hand exercising video". The "hand tenderizer video" did cross my mind. It's as though he was "preparing" his fingers for him to taste them! hahaha...

The video catches him in action... then suddenly, he realises that I am looking at him and taking a video of him - so he falters a little... but then he picks up the routine again... hahaha... see vid!

video and picture taken on 2nd February 2008
Isaac @ 4 days to 6 months

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Isaac & Carrie

Isaac & friends: Carrie

This is Isaac and Carrie. Carrie is about a month younger than Isaac.
This is the second time they are meeting. The first time they met was when Carrie was about a week old - I was done with my confinement and brought Isaac along to see Carrie and her Mummy :)
Here they are playing together. Carrie was watching Isaac - trying to learn how he flips himself over! See, she was already very good at holding her head up from tummy time with her mummy!
Wanna read more about Carrie? Visit her blog! :) Oh and here is the post in Carrie's blog that features Isaac! (yes, as usual, I'm soooo late in my posting! ;p) In fact, I am sooo late in my postings, that by now, carrie has learnt to flip already! hahahaa... go see more adventures of Carrie in her blog!
all above pictures taken on 2nd February 2008
Isaac @ 6 mths; Carrie @ 5 mths


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