Sunday, 23 March 2008

Isaac & Cousin Chloe

Isaac & Cousins: Chloe

This is Isaac and his cousin Chloe. Chloe's mummy and Isaac's mummy are cousins (our mother's are sisters). So what do you call them? Second cousins, issit? (could never get the terminology clear... kekeke...)

Chloe's a month older than Isaac. When Isaac was just born and still at the hospital, my cousin Valerie had just completed her confinement - so she brought Chloe and came to visit us! That was the first time I saw Chloe coz my aunties sorta 'disallowed' me to go and see Chloe and Valerie when Chloe was just born. sighz! silly superstitions!
Chloe's a very friendly girl. We could all carry her and she wouldn't cry. And here she is, being a good cheh cheh (big sister) to Isaac - patting his head, sayang sayang Isaac. She would also reach over and touch his arm, his clothes... which was all fine with Isaac till...She put her fingers into his mouth! hahahaha... Well, as you can see, Isaac certainly took offence at that! hahaha... he was bawling out loud when he found he had intruders in his mouth! Smart boy! Never eat anything that is still alive or makes a sound, I always tell him!
Chloe has these very nice natural curls in her hair. We're not sure where she gets them from coz her mummy and her daddy both has natural straight hair. And they're mighty tired of answering the question of where Chloe got her curls from. They searched their family tree for curls and managed to track down some in Chloe's maternal grandfather's side of the family. That's probably it. Coz Chloe's definitely's her mummy's daughter - coz she looks just like her mummy when she was young! I know - coz I grew up with Chloe's mummy! :)
The thing with babies of the same age - we're sure to place them side by side and take pictures of them. And stand by to watch what they do next! We found that most babies, would start to climb over each other! I think that's their own way of interacting, of playing with one another.
Here're the two cousins getting acquainted. Chloe's a month older, thus she has learnt how to crawl already, at this point of time. Then, Isaac had only mastered flipping over to his front, but he hadn't learnt to crawl nor 'climb' by pulling himself up .
Chloe and Isaac has two more cousins that are born in the same year as them. My sister's third girl, Natalie; and our cousin Kok Leong's fourth girl. Born in July, August, November and October, respectively. Thus they shall be known as "The four piglets!" in the many years to come!hahaha... There she goes again! Invasion of Isaac's mouth! and Isaac's alarm bells start riiiiiinnngggiiinnngggg!!!!
all pictures above taken on 7th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months; Chloe @ 7 months


  1. I love this series of photos. I think I saw on Val's blog earlier. It is so fun just to see how babies interact.

    Have you seen the latest post on Val's after I questioned the authenticity of the previous post. The video of Chloe is hilarious! I don't understand how she manages to smile and then get back to sleep. Simply Magic!

  2. yeah! I reused some of Paul's pictures, and added some of mine. The first pix is courtesy of Paul - he caught them very well in that picture - they both look so cute!

    Ah! Haven't seen the latest post - will go see now! :)


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