Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Classic wooden chair

I actually bought this classic wooden chair 4 years ago, when Rebecca was just born. But Becca hardly sat in it coz she started to climb out of the chair when she sat in it, so it was too dangerous to let her sit in it. So we brought it back home.

Dunno why Isabelle never sat in it though... hmmm... think maybe coz the chair was in my house hahaha...

Anywayz, we have since brought the chair to my parents-in-law's place. Isaac likes the chair and he can be happy in it for awhile. So it's a good place to put him in sometimes. And think my MIL puts him in the chair when she feeds him his porridge. Good chair!

all pictures above taken on 3rd February 2008
Isaac @ 3 days to 6 months

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