Tuesday, 25 March 2008

CNY visiting 2008

CNY visiting with a baby in tow is no joke. We were tired out from all the rushing here and there, visiting up to 5 places in a day sometimes. But most critically, we had to ensure that Isaac had enough sleep! So that he'd be CUTE ! hahahahhaa...That turned out to be quite a challenge coz we were constantly on the move. So Isaac would like nap during the time when we were in the car travelling to our next destination, but would wake when he enters the next house - awakened by the noise and the change in environment.

Thus Isaac didn't manage to sleep as much as we wanted him to. But thankfully, he slept enough to not be too cranky and still quite cute. I suppose being in new surroundings helped - coz he is always very curious and wanting to look at everything wherever he goes.
all pictures above taken on 16th February 2008
Isaac @ 6 months plus

Thus, Isaac turned out to be quite a hit this CNY - though, being sleep deprived, he wasn't as willing to let others carry him. He want his mummy, yours truly, to carry him all the time. hahaha... Ah well, it's tiring, but I don't mind! :)


  1. I think it worked. He is growing up to be such a cute baby. Wait till Joy sees him and goes all berserk again.

  2. hahaha yeah we're very happy everyone likes him! hehehe... :)


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