Monday, 17 March 2008

"Hand Exercising" video

There was one night, when we were at the petrol station - hubbs had gone out of the car to pay for the petrol etc. but I stayed in the car with Isaac. I had decided not to take him out and go to the minimart coz he was fine with sitting in the car seat.

Then I noticed that he was looking at his hand, then waved his fingers a little, then put his fingers into his mouth for a few seconds, then he took them out, looked at them, waved fingers a little then popped back into his mouth again and he repeated this sequence like at least 5 times!

So I quickly whipped out me trusty Lumix and caught it on video below :)

It's quite amusing - I mean, like, what is he doing!?!? hahaha... I didn't know what to call it, so I called it the "hand exercising video". The "hand tenderizer video" did cross my mind. It's as though he was "preparing" his fingers for him to taste them! hahaha...

The video catches him in action... then suddenly, he realises that I am looking at him and taking a video of him - so he falters a little... but then he picks up the routine again... hahaha... see vid!

video and picture taken on 2nd February 2008
Isaac @ 4 days to 6 months

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