Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Isaac as of 5th Jan 2008

We go out with Isaac quite a lot on weekends. We like to visit friends - as in, meet up with friends at their house, chit chat, play board games, drink wine (hubbs drink lah), listen to music etc... I guess hubbs and I are quite "people-persons" - we value our friendships and familyships. So we enjoy bringing Isaac to meet all these great, wonderful people we have in our lives. Sometimes we meet up with friends for breakfast/lunch/dinner as well. But we like best of all to go to someone's house... coz right now, with Isaac, being in a house of a friend is the most convenient place to "go out" to. Coz if Isaac needs to drink milk, I can simply go into a bedroom and feed him. If he needs to sleep, we can rock him to sleep in a bedroom with lights off, and let him sleep on the bed (then we can go out and play games or whatever hehehe)...

And nowadays, as Isaac is an expert with flipping and being on his tummy and crawling a little, he loves to just play on the bed. Like in these pictures! :) We're here at Ruth & Nick's house, so while we have our playback meeting, here's Isaac having a field time on the bed!
all pictures above taken on 5th January 2008
Isaac @ 5 months

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