Sunday, 16 March 2008

Isaac & Carrie

Isaac & friends: Carrie

This is Isaac and Carrie. Carrie is about a month younger than Isaac.
This is the second time they are meeting. The first time they met was when Carrie was about a week old - I was done with my confinement and brought Isaac along to see Carrie and her Mummy :)
Here they are playing together. Carrie was watching Isaac - trying to learn how he flips himself over! See, she was already very good at holding her head up from tummy time with her mummy!
Wanna read more about Carrie? Visit her blog! :) Oh and here is the post in Carrie's blog that features Isaac! (yes, as usual, I'm soooo late in my posting! ;p) In fact, I am sooo late in my postings, that by now, carrie has learnt to flip already! hahahaa... go see more adventures of Carrie in her blog!
all above pictures taken on 2nd February 2008
Isaac @ 6 mths; Carrie @ 5 mths

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