Thursday, 6 March 2008

Isaac & Ray

Isaac & friends : Ray

This is when Isaac and Ray first met. Both asleep, in their strollers. Though technically, they both met a long time ago when they were both inside their Mummy's tummies! hahahaha... picture above taken on 4th November 2007
Ray @ 3.5 mths; Isaac @ 3 mths
Christine and I each got married in 2005, and we each delivered our firstborn in 2007, about 3 weeks apart. We'd great fun being pregnant together, and we're looking forward to letting the boys play and grow up together. I've been good friends with Christine and her hubby Cheng Nam since uni time, so it's great that we've kids around the same age! :)
picture above taken on 4th November 2007
Christine carry Isaac @ 3 mths; Me carrying Ray @ 3.5mths

As mentioned in previous posts, we like to catch up with friends over a meal as well (especially when they stay very far away... hahahha...) The above pictures were taken when we met up for the first time since Ray was born (coz Christine was in confinement when Isaac was born). And the pictures below were taken at our recent lunch in January this year.
picture above taken on 20th January 2008
Christine carry Isaac @ 5.5 mths; Me carrying Ray @ 6mths

I'm happy to say we've many friends and a number of relatives, who have babies/kids around the same time as us. It's great fun sharing experiences with each other, trading tips and tricks to handling the babies (and husbands ;p) and most of all - sharing together the joy of having kids.
picture above taken on 20th January 2008
hubbs carry Isaac @ 5.5 mths; Cheng Nam carrying Ray @ 6mths

Thus you would see in the posts to come, many more posts of Isaac and his friends! So envious! I don't think I had THAT many friends when I was first born - or rather, even before I was born! hahaha... But then again, I certainly had many more cousins than Isaac when/before I was born. I guess that's the importance of keeping in touch with friends as well, we can let the kids play together and grow up as firm friends, just like how we used to play with our cousins and grow up to be very close as well.
picture above taken on 20th January 2008
Christine carry Ray @ 6 mths; Me carrying Isaac @ 5.5mths

This is the first of the Isaac & friends series. Stay tuned for more! :)

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